Witcher 3 Destroy Casino

Geralt Accused in Cheating at Whoreson Junior's Casino (Witcher 3) - Duration: 17:30. CJake3 10,188 views. Witcher 3 High Stakes Gwent Tournament Goes Sideways #139 PC - Duration: 35:41. During the quest 'Get Junior' and 'Gangs of Novigrad', players have the option to go in loud with the dwarves, or play Gwent to progress in Whoreson Junior's Casino. Would choosing the Gwent option unlock Gwent cards for the player? Or is it played only for the crowns? Thinking of getting the dwarves' help if the only reward is a couple of crowns with the Gwent option. The Witcher 3 - Count Reuven's Treasure, Menge, Whoreson Junior, arena, Roche How to complete the Count Reuven's Treasure quest, track down Whoreson Junior, and survive all three of your fights in.

This is a guide to the quest titled Get Junior from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on for information on objectives and possible rewards, location of the secret stache and secret passage, as well as useful tips and strategies for completing the quest.

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Broken FlowersGet JuniorCiri's Story: Visiting Junior

List of Contents

Get Junior Rewards and Basic Information

Basic Information

Quest Number21
Quest LocationNovigrad
Previous QuestBroken Flowers
Next QuestCiri's Story: Visiting Junior


Gold RewardNone
Exp RewardNone
Item RewardNone

Get Junior Main Objectives

1Head to the bathhouse. It is south of St. Gregory's Bridge.
2Choose any of the wardrobes marked to get undressed. Follow Happen.
3Kill the Whoreson's Henchmen that attack.
4You will need to go to these 3 locations, Junior's Casino, Junior's Arena and Junior's Hideout. You will gain 150 XP after searching all 3 locations. Note: The arena becomes optional to finish if you finished the casino first and vice versa.


5.AGo to the marker located on the northern island of Novigrad.
6.AEnter the house and use your Witcher Sense to investigate. Examine:
・The papers on the floor.
・The pile of clothes
・The equipment on the wall


5.BHead to the casino, it is located east of St. Gregory Bridge.
6.BTalk to the bouncer at the front door. If you have Delusion level 3, you can use the Axii dialogue choice to get in and gain 40 XP. Otherwise you can give him 200 crowns and gain 20 XP. You can choose to kill them if you do not want to do either.
7.BIf you entered without using violence, you can talk to the 3 patrons on the second floor. Beat 2 out of 3 of them in a game of gwent to continue peacefuly. If you do not want to play gwent or if you killed the bouncers, you will need to fight your way up the casino.
8.BTalk to the tied-up halfling. You will gain 150 XP if you untie him and will start the Secondary Quest Honor Amongst Thieves. You can continue to talk to Dijkstra, or continue searching the other locations if you have not.



Witcher 3 Destroy Casino Codes

5.CHead to the Arena.
6.CTalk to bouncers. You can do 3 peaceful ways to enter:
・Pay them 200 crowns to get in and gain 20 XP.
・You can use the Axii dailogue choice if you have delusion level 3
・Find an invitation. The invitation can be found on the corpse of a man attacked by thugs nearby the school. You can also choose to just kill them to enter.
Note: For a faster playthrough it is recommended to choose the violent method.
7.CIf you entered peacfuly, head into the arena and talk to Igor. If you killed the bouncers, you will have to kill everyone in the arena. There are 18 thugs and a dog. Skip to objective 11.C
8.CConvince Igor to let you fight for him. If you ask about Whoreson Junior, you will be forced to fight just like if you killed the bouncers.
9.CThere will be 5 rounds you must win in order to continue:
1) A 1 v 1 with Gustav Reone. Choose to spare him and he will help with the next rounds, but you will have to fight 3 dogs after.
2) Two Skelliger brothers. Both must be killed.
3) A Wyvern.
4) An Endrega Warrior and a Endrega Drone.
5) And Boris the bear.
10.CYou will need to kill Igor, his 4 men, and a dog.
11.CPick up the key from Igor's corpse. Go to the marked area and kill any of Whoreson's men still alive.
12.CLoot the small chest. Obtain the notes and read them in your inventory.
13.CThe path to the secret door is as follows. Facing away from the throne, go straight and turn right into the first metal grating. Head down the passage way and turn left at the end.
14.CUse your Witcher Sense on the wall, then interact with the torch to the right. Loot the chest in the secret stash and read the Mysterious Letter. You will gain 150 XP. You can continue to talk to Dijkstra or continue searching the other locations if you have not.

Talk to Dijkstra

15Talk to Dijkstra. Tell him about Whoreson Junior's ties to Redania.
16Talk to Vernon Roche. He is located at the Temarian Partisan Hideout which is north of Oxenfurt. After talking to him you will receive 150 XP.
17Meet Vernon on the eastern Oxenfurt Bridge. Follow him into the chess club. You will gain 150 XP after.
18Head to the mansion marked, located north of the Western Gate.
19Talk to the Thugs in front. If you killed anyone in the arena or casino, the henchmen will attack you and force you into the bloody path. If you did not kill anyone, you can convince the guard that you are there for the whores and that you are new. This will let you get in the sneaky path.

Bloody Path

20.AWhen entering the gate there will be 3 henchmen to your right, 3 to your left, 2 more near the back of the house, and 4 near the fountain.
21.AEnter the house from either the front or back and kill the next 3 henchmen inside.
22.AGo up the stairs and into the room to find Whoreson Junior.

Sneaky Path

20.BHead to the house marked and enter it. It is located in the south eatern part of Oxenfurt.
21.Binside is a hatch to a secret passage. Drop into it and follow the passage.
22.BWhen you reach the split, choose the northern passage. Continue into the passage and into the passage throught the hole.
23.BUse your Witcher Sense to see the loose bricks and use Aard to knock the bricks down.
24.B4 henchmen will be waiting for you in the basement. Slay them.
25.B2 more men will be waiting upstairs. Kill them.
26.BGo upstairs and enter the room to find Whoreson Junior.

Kill Whoreson Junior

Witcher 3 Destroy Casinos

27Choose whether or not to kill Whoreson Junior.
28Leave the estate. The quest A Favor for Radovid will start.
29Talk to Priscilla. She is still located at Kingfisher Inn.

Witcher 3 Destroy Casino Locations

Where to Find the Secret Stash

Hidden Wall Near the Arena

The path to the secret door is as follows. Facing away from the throne, go straight and turn right into the first metal grating. Head down the passage way and turn left at the end. Use your Witcher Sense on the wall opposite the arena, then interact with the torch to the right

How to Use the Secret Passage

Avoid Killing in the Arena and Casino

The secret passage is only available if the player has not done the side quest Gangs of Novigrad and if the player did not kill anyone in the casino or the arena. When talking to the Whoreson's men guarding outside the hideout, there will be an option about 'the women'.

Witcher 3 Destroy Casino Game

Should You Kill Whoreson Junior?

There is a Minor Change in a Future Quest

Witcher 3 Destroy Casino Map

Choosing to kill Junior does not have any major consequence and is only for you to decide the fate of this single character. You can see the effects of your choice in a future quest in Act III.

Killing Junior

Geralt kills Junior, leaving the world with one less scumbag. Geralt then later encounters him again, but it is not Whoreson Junior but Dudu who has taken his place!

Sparing Junior

Geralt chooses to let him go, hoping his future is worse than death. Geralt later finds him homeless in the street, being attacked by kids. The once powerful and rich Whoreson Junior is now nothing more than a beggar in the gutter.

Witcher 3 Destroy Casino Maps

Get Junior Tips and Strategies

The Arena Fight

The Hairy Bros. From Skellige

They both use two-handed weapons, so do not try to parry or counter attack. You can use Axii to stun one to give you a 1 v 1 for just a moment. Focus on killing one first to make the fight easier.

Fighting Wyvern

The Wyvern is quick. You should keep your distance and wait for it to attack, dodge then attack it. You can get 3-4 light attacks or 2-3 heavy attacks in. Repeat to kill the Wyvern.

Fighting the Endregas

Focus on the Drone first. It is slower and has an area of effect poison it will do when left alone. If you are poisoned, cast Quen to nullify it.

Fighting Boris the Bear

Keep to the side or back of the bear while you attack with 3-4 light attacks or 1-2 heavy attacks, and then prepare to dodge. Continue doing this to whittle away its health.

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