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Virtue Fusion has quickly risen to become one of the leading bingo software providers in the industry, and what’s unique about the company is that they are one of the few who solely develope bingo games. This means that they are fully focused on this one area of expertise, although they’re now owned by industry giant Playtech who no doubt add plenty of weight to their efforts.

Virtue Fusion Casino Sites. Virtue Fusion is a division of Gaming Technology Solutions Ltd, and was bought out by Playtech in February 2010. Virtue Fusion is one of the world's leading developers and licensors of online bingo products. The Virtue Fusion Software Company is an online iGaming developer that powers around 25 various bingo sites. Being a subsidiary of Gaming Technology Solutions Ltd which was taken over in 2010 by Playtech Ltd, their ownership status is a tad complex, but simply put, Virtue Fusion is headquartered in London, UK.


The company are probably best known for their foray into the world of mobile bingo, being one of the first companies to successfully crack the market. They are no one trick pony, however, in fact they are one of the most well-rounded bingo providers out there, hosting many big name bingo sites including high street bingo giants, Gala Bingo.

All of the bingo sites listed in the table above operate on the Virtue Fusion bingo network. By using the same network, all of the sites share the same players and games resulting in bigger prizes and greater player liquidity than you would find on smaller networks. It also means you can get a decent game no matter what time of the day or night it is.

Virtue Fusion is one of the most popular bingo networks among UK players and is the bingo network of choice for many household names such as TV giants Sky and Virgin, as well as high street bookies such as Betfred, Ladbrokes, and the Tote; there are also quirky bingo brand offshoots based around TV shows such as Deal or No Deal Bingo.

Each site offers some kind of welcome bonus, which have been listed below for easy comparison. There aren’t that many no deposit bonuses on offer at the various Virtue Fusion bingo sites, but there are plenty of high percentage welcome bonuses such as deposit £5 and get £25 free.

The VF bingo software is owned by Playtech who also operate online casino and poker software and are listed on the London Stock Exchange. The software itself offers 75, 80, and 90 ball bingo, plus a variety of single and multiplayer slot games, some of which are tied to large jackpots.

Games & Features

The biggest attraction to Virtue Fusion has to be the range of games that are on offer. With 90, 80, and 75 ball variants, they really do manage to tick all the boxes. The company provides a better than average range of games, too, and each one feels like it’s been purposely designed to allow their users the perfect combination of gameplay and graphics.

What’s also great about Virtue Fusion is the fact that they are well positioned to be able to provide branded games as well. Deal or no Deal is their flagship offering and has managed to win industry awards for its progression within the online bingo sector. The game comes alive with both 75 and 90 ball variants but it’s their ability to include bonus games into it that really stand out. It provides the perfect balance of immersive gameplay within the theme and the traditional bingo game.

As we mentioned, the games on offer aren’t your bog standard bingo games; real variety is very tough to achieve when you consider how straight forward the game of bingo actually is. For example, games such as Roll On Bingo will continue to pull numbers even when a full house has dropped. Usually at this point, the game would end and the players would be paid accordingly, but this variation offers smaller prizes for each full house called thereafter. It’s probably the company’s most immersive game if you ask us, and one that you see on pretty much every bingo room that uses this software.

The innovative variations don’t just end there – we have to mention Last Chance Saloon. This games works in a similar way to Roll On Bingo, but instead of the game carrying on after the first full house, the game gives all the players who have lost but bought a pre-determined number of tickets a free scratchcard for their troubles. What all these game types offer is multiple ways to win, which is essentially what all bingo players crave.

Side Games

The software includes a decent number of side games to choose from made up mostly of slots and table games. However, they do suffer in this department when they go up against other software providers who are able to pull games from their existing catalogue.

It’s probably the only slight negative for the company, but it’s a telling one, especially as these side games have become so popular these days. That being said, the games on offer do serve a purpose and whilst they may not be as polished as the likes of Microgaming and Dragonfish, it’s better to have something rather than nothing.


The jackpot section is mightily impressive at Virtue Fusion and is one of our favourite features. The company’s link with PlayTech (more on that below) means that they welcome a huge number of players through the door, with their website stating that they serve more than 60,000 customers daily and over 13,000 will be online at any one time (peak times). This is obviously going to tie in perfectly with the jackpot games that are on offer and as a result, they amass sums which can exceed £1,000,000 for some games.


The Rainbow Riches bingo game is probably the most popular of the jackpot games and you can actually play up to three different variations. In fact, one of the games is a 40 ball offering, which is super rare in the bingo industry but makes for a fast and exciting experience along with a huge jackpot to boot.

About Virtue Fusion

Virtue Fusion has been about since 2001 and in that time have managed to propel themselves right to the top of the food chain when it comes to online bingo games. The company actually started life at a fairly slow pace and at one point they were even up for sale. Since no buyer was forthcoming, however, the owners decided that they needed to really crack the whip and get things moving, which now seems like one of the best decisions they could have made.

The company decided pretty early on to simply target online bingo, which is interesting as most see a natural expansion to the likes of casino, poker, and even sports betting. This did allow them to specialise, though, and maybe this is why the company’s fortunes changed once again in 2010 when they were acquired by software giants, PlayTech.

The acquisition didn’t change an awful lot in terms of how Virtue Fusion went about their business, but it opened so many more doors and allowed them bigger budgets for things like the research and development of bingo games. We think it’s fair to say that the merger with PlayTech has played a massive part in how they have gone on to be working with over 100 different bingo rooms based around the world.

Virtue Fusion Bingo Sites

Virtue Fusion is one of the biggest online bingo networks, bringing together massive numbers of players from some of the biggest and best known bingo sites in the UK. In 2010, they were bought in a multi-million pound deal by gaming software giant Playtech, with the result that wherever you find Virtue Fusion bingo, you’ll generally also find slots both from Playtech itself and from its Ash Gaming subsidiary and/or a Playtech casino. The bingo platform itself is also slowly being rebranded as part of Playtech One.

What’s So Great About Virtue Fusion

Huge linked games

Over 60,000 players are active on the Virtue Fusion network every day and at peak times there can be as many as 13,000 players at the same time. This means that the network can run absolutely huge jackpot games several times a day and many players find these irresistible.

Bingo Variants

This is an area where Virtue Fusion really excels. As well as 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo there are a number of special variants, ranging fromRainbow Riches Bingo which is based on 40 ball bingo and also includes three progressive community jackpots and a coin collecting bonus, to Lucky Numbers Bingo which is a standard 90 ball bingo game with an extra lucky numbers side bet. Deal or No Deal Bingo is also a very popular bingo variant in both its 75 ball and its 90 ball form.It doesn’t stop there as even the regular forms of bingo are very frequently played with an extra twist. Examples of this are Roll On Bingo, where numbers continue to be called after full house until a set number of further (smaller) full house prizes have been won, and Last Chance Saloon, where all losing players who bought the number of tickets required to qualify are given a scratchcard to play for a consolation prize.With all of these different types of bingo game going on it’s unlikely that players are going to get bored at a Virtue Fusion site.

Network promotions

The size of the Virtue Fusion network means that when a promotion runs across all the sites, the prizes can be really substantial. For instance, the final weekend of every month has a total advertised prize fund of £250,000. Another example of a big money network promotion is the £1 million slots prize draw that has been run a few times now.

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Customised promotions

An example of a customised promotion is the slot of the week promotion that is found at many Virtue Fusion sites. The way it always works is that you enter a bonus code, play £10 on the slot and get a bonus. Which slot it is, which days the promotion runs on, whether or not the bonus is related to the player’s VIP scheme level and what wagering requirement it comes with vary from site to site as these are the customisable parts of the promotion and the site operators decide on what these options should be (as well as whether to run the promotion at all in the first place).Another example is the free room for newbies that is commonly found at Virtue Fusion sites; the operator decides when the room should be open, what the prizes should be and how long the new player gets access for. Contrast that with Dragonfish where all new players across the network get access to the network free bingo room with the same rules for all of them.Further examples of custom promotions include daily scratchcards, reload bonuses and bonus back on losses. These types of promotion are found across the Virtue Fusion network but the details are always fixed by the sites themselves.Virtue Fusion is the only bingo platform/network that offers such a wealth of customisable promotions and the result is that the Virtue Fusion bingo sites are all different from each other. It is very much NOT the case that once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

Chat hosting and networking

On networks such as the Live Bingo Network and the Dragonfish Network, when you play in a network bingo room the chat host is the same whichever site you are playing from and you can see the chat from all the other players from other sites on the network. This is not the case at Virtue Fusion; each site has its own chat and chat hosts, with each chat host typically covering several rooms on the site. That means that the sites have much more of a community feel about them.Virtue Fusion actually goes one better than that though. The bingo timetable on offer in the networked rooms is the same for every site, but several instances of the same type of game can be running (with different numbers called in each instance) meaning that you are competing with players from some other sites on the network but not all of them. The number of players can therefore be kept fairly constant and, of course, the number of players in your instance of the game is always shown.This matters because the larger the number of players in a bingo game, the higher the variance the game has – i.e. a game with a lot of players has large prizes but a low chance of winning whereas a game with a few players has small prizes but a relatively high chance of winning. It’s natural for bingo players to want to mix it up a bit with the variance and the Virtue Fusion way of offering super busy BingoLinx and other big games running across the entire network, moderately busy network games running across fewer sites and quieter games in site exclusive rooms can cater to that. Players can thus get the best of both worlds.

Progressive jackpot slots

Again due to the size of the network, there are many progressive jackpot slots on offer and some of them have jackpots in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds.


Virtue Fusion Casino Sites Free

The big Virtue Fusion sites such as bet365 that also offer their players other forms of gambling such as a sportsbook have their own licences, whereas the smaller ones such as Bucky Bingo come under Virtue Fusion (Alderney) Limited’s own licence.

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What Next?

Virtue Fusion Casino Sites Online

One of Playtech’s current stated objectives is to facilitate seamless play across all channels and devices whether at home, on the move or in a venue. Mobile and tablet bingo has now come to all Virtue Fusion bingo sites and we can expect the mobile version and web version to resemble each other more and more closely, as the web version is migrated from Flash to HTML5 . Omni-channel gaming wallet systems like Coral Connect could also become widespread at Playtech/Virtue Fusion bingo sites. Lastly, there seems to be a recent trend for Virtue Fusion to work with smaller operators as well as with the huge names like Gala and Paddy Power, and this can only mean even more Virtue Fusion bingo site launches and an increase in Virtue Fusion’s dominance of the online bingo world.