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The degree of ups and downs (or volatility) that your bankroll goes through in the course of your poker career – but this does not have to be necessarily indicative of the quality of your game.

This means that in the short term, you may actually lose some part of your bankroll even if you play correctly. In the long term a player will win, if he can keep his patience and discipline and stay on the right path even when dealing with a downswing.

  1. Sep 01, 2020 variant (plural variants) Something that is slightly different from a type or norm. All breeds of dog are variants of the species “Canis lupus familiaris”. The word 'kerosine' is a variant of “kerosene”. A different sequence of a gene. A variable that can hold any of various unrelated data types.
  2. Poker Hands There are many variants of the gambling card-game 'Poker'. The classic 5-card draw variant involves ranking a hand consisting of 5 cards from a 52-card deck of cards and then awarding the accumulated 'pot' of money to the person with the highest ranking hand.
  3. Definition of Variance In poker, variance is the measure of uncertainty. A play that has high variance has a great deal of uncertainty. A play that has a relatively certain outcome has a low variance.

EXAMPLE “I can’t handle the variance of bad beats in donkaments.”

Higher variance games will have greater ups and downs of the bankroll. Games with a high variance such as Pot Limit Omaha and large field MTTs can cause big swings in your bankroll. In light of this risk, it is very important to think about the size of your bankroll.

A poker variant isa specific set of rules or ‘flavour’ of poker game. The most popular poker variant in modern times is No Limit hold’em with Pot Limit Omaha in second place. There are practically hundreds of different poker variantshowever, some common, some not so much. The variants are often grouped together into categories.

A low variance playing style can help you to minimize the swings of your bankroll. This is a huge benefit, as it can help not to mess with your confidence, but the negative in playing this way, is that it is not the optimal way to fully maximize the value of your hands.

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In this video, Jason Somerville talks about Playing A Low Variance Style.

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As one of the oldest and most popular card games in the world, poker comes in a wide variety of different play-styles, rules, and payout ratios. Most people have heard of Texas Hold’em, as this tends to be the type most often found at both land-based and online casinos.

But poker is a diverse game that invites players of all playing styles, and learning the variants of the classic game is specially popular among those that are looking for something fresh and exciting to enjoy to add to their daily Beteasy NZ gaming sessions.

  1. Texas Hold’em

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The most popular variant of poker in the world, Texas Hold’em is a stable of just about every casino out there. The game is most often played at a six or nine handed table, although this can depend on the rules of the casino or poker hall. It’s also among the easiest types of poker on the market, and a live game can usually be found with ease online.


Omaha is very similar to Texas Hold’em with a few key differences, and is the second most popular variant of the game online, favoured by players that prefer their games that generate plenty of actions. Omaha comes in two main variations: Omaha High and Omaha Hi-Lo. Newcomers will want to learn the High version before moving onto the Hi-Lo as the former tends to be much easier to learn.

Seven Card Stud

Before Texas Hold’em took the throne as king of poker, Seven Card Stud was the most widely played version among professionals. It’s often considered a more advanced variant of the game, as there is a lot more information to work with, and many argue that it requires much more skill and strategy in order to win, rather than leaving it all up to chance. Seven Card Stud can be harder to learn, and it may be a bit more difficult to find it online, but it remains a solid choice for anyone searching for a more advanced version of poker that boasts plenty of challenge.


While not nearly as popular as the other entries here, Razz is still played by plenty of players around the world. It can be confusing at first because it’s a low ball game, meaning that the player will want to try and get the lowest value hand possible rather than the highest. Apart from that, it’s incredibly easy to learn and should provide countless hours of entertaining gameplay.

Five Card Draw

Five Card Draw is arguably the simplest version of poker around, which is why it’s often the variant that new players learn the first. It’s a common game to find being played at home or at community centres, and due to its ease of learning, it’s the recommended version to seek out when learning to play for the first time.

Mixed Game Formats

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These are tournaments and events offered by casinos where the different variants of poker are used at once, and will be rotated every few hands.