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Sexton was a longtime commentator for World Poker Tour, which hosts international televised tournaments, with broadcasting partner Vince Van Patten. As a player, he won nearly $7 million since his. Here's the long and short of things. The con artist crew bets one million dollars that Poker Ace Vince Van Patton cannot walk nearly 300 miles from L.A. To Vegas in 8 days (the bet relates to a longstanding fable/bet Poker Pro Doyle Brunson and Jack Binion-HORSESHOE CASINO magnet made back in the 70's). Wait until it comes to REDBOX. Van Patten learned to play poker from his father, actor Dick Van Patten, at age 14. In the 1990s, Vince Van Patten put together his own Hollywood home game with famous regulars like Ben Affleck or Tobey Maguire. He finished in the money at the 2010 World Series of Poker main event. He finished 481st in a pool of 7,319 entrants.

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Van patten pokerThis article originally started out as a discussion on the poker forum, Rec. Gambling Poker. Will Reich pieced his posts together in order to convert them into a book review of 'The Picasso Flop.'

Van Patten Poker

When I decided to make a habit of reviewing poker books, I set myself a rule or a guideline that a novel, in order to be reviewed, had to have a great deal of poker in it in order to be reviewed. Jesse May’s excellent

Vincent Van Patten Poker

Shut up and Deal would qualify, for instance, but several even better books by SF author John Varley would not because the poker in them is a fairly minor feature. This book almost fails to qualify because there is little actual poker in this book. The small amount there is made it almost impossible for me to continue reading. Only the memory of another novel (Tim van patten poker

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by Sean Stewart) that started with a simply awful, contrived and aggressively stupid poker hand but turned into a great book, with great poker content also, kept me going. This book, like the Stewart book, did get better, but it didn’t get much better. I would wait for it to come out in paperback to buy it, if then. For my thinking on the matter, proceed past the line below but realize that it is a spoiler line and will reveal details of the story that you may not want to know before reading it.