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Ultimate Poker ChipsPoker Chips and Chip Sets are a must have in Poker Supplies for your Games Room. Learn all about the different BestTypes of Poker Chips & Sets available for Your Next Home Game here.

Poker Chips and Chip Sets- The Number One Poker Supply. Know the details of buying the right types of gambling chips to get the Best for your home game dollars.

Poker the Best Game for Fun at Home

Poker is one of the best games of all time around the world. It connects everyone together with their friends and family through its fun, and sporting skill, luck, and bluff filled action type of games. Though there is a misconception that poker is only played by professional gamblers to earn money, there are lots of people from all walks of life who often step out and try out their luck in this fascinating game full of skill, action, luck and bluffing.

A poker game can not only help people to become wealthy it can also help make them go bankrupt and end up in the poor house in the process. The goal is to be the shark and not the fish!

Whatever the individuals financial situation is, poker was and is always just around the corner in home games, online, and through live play.

People love to play this game and will remain in love with this game as long is there are always chances to make money and become wealthy playing in huge online and live tournaments. Now onto the home game and what you need to go Poker Shopping for a fun successful poker game evening in your new games room.

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Types of Poker Chips For Successful Home Games

The Main problem that arises while selecting the casino chips to use for your home game is the fact that they are available in the market place today in a significant number of different sizes, weights and designs.

Each of them is unique and possess vivid colors as well as design differences and weights. Thus below is the list of things that you need to keep in mind while selecting the best Poker gambling chips for your Home Game Collection.

Number of Poker Chips Required How many do I need?

You can buy sets or singles or sleeves of chips in only one denomination; in fact you can purchase poker chips in any number of different sizes. However, most people love to buy them in a set of 100 up to a 1000. It costs less and provides a better deal the larger you go with the selected type of poker chip set size.

If you are going to hold a tournament, then you need to have a lot of chips. 7-10 people takes an average of 1000 chips or so will do. That is the minimum to buy for a quick example. Most people will not have more than that at a home game. My set at home is 2000 chips for versatility in case of large buy ins/large starting stacks and interchangeable for sit n go and large cash games as well as any side games for those knocked out that want to play cash games until the next round of holdem starts.

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Many Types of Poker Chips

There are plenty of variations available in the selection of poker chips, and each of them possesses some unique characteristics.

Below is the list of different poker chips for your information to help in selection for your needs, be it small home games or larger Texas Holdem tournaments.

Plastic Poker chip types

The name says it all. These gambling chip types are made out of plastic and pretty light weight. These chips are available all over the place, pick some up at your local Dollarama. However, if you are going to use these chips in your home casino games with serious players, then you may want to think twice because they are not preferred by most in-build and style or weight. If your looking to joke around, play on a boat or canoe or maybe in the backyard or camping then these may be the right choice for you. For the avid poker player and for a serious games room these are not what you will be looking for.

Composite Types of Poker Chips

These are regular poker chips, which can easily be seen in various poker rooms and gaming houses. If your looking to hold a poker game at your place, at relative cost, then these are a good option to try out. Available at a low price and made with real materials, these are durable enough with a bit more added weight then the plastic entry level lightweight throw away type chips.

Moreover, if you want, you can customize these casino chips too. Weighing only 11.5 grams, these are more than comfortable to hold in ones hands and play realistic style poker.

Ceramic Types of Poker Chips are the Best

Ceramic poker chips are one of the best poker chips available, which are made out of ceramic. This smooth porcelain type casino gambling chip provides a pleasurable feel in the hand while holding them and also possess beautiful designs that are attractive and pleasing to the eyes of everyone at the game. You wont be seen as cheap when you break out the nice set of ceramic poker chips for your next basement poker game.

Clay Types of Poker chips are the most expensive kind

Ultimate Poker Chips Hack

Clay poker chips are one of the most expensive poker chips available in the market. These are built with exceptional craftsmanship and quality and an ideal option for casinos and high end games rooms. With stunning design, beautiful build and excellent quality, they are potent enough to withstand any hazard in case of the inevitable outrage of a poker gamer when he or she suffers a bad beat at the casino or in your garage at home and chips go flying. Buy these and impress your friends as a poker aficionado.

Check the Color of your poker chips and Make sure your standardized

Ultimate Poker Chips

If you want to make your poker game famous among your friends, then try to follow the international standard of chips. According to the rule of poker, the color of the chips changes from white up to orange depending upon the value. Try to buy chips which are mostly painted red for 5 green for 25 and blue for 50, and maybe the black 100 as well, because these tend to remain in demand for most of the time during a normal game.

Poker Chips Value by Colors

  • $1 White
  • $5 Red
  • $10 Blue or green $25 depending on you and your blinds
  • $25 Green or blue $50 depending on you and your blinds
  • $100 Black
  • $500 Purple
  • $1000 Orange

The Greens and the Blues seem to be variable denominations depending where you play sometime. Also how the blinds increase. I generally just go right from red 5 to green 25 and then blue 50 black 100 and then use orange as 500 in my games the way I set them up. There is no steadfast rule for home games as long as everyone knows what color is what denomination.

Types of Weight Differences in Poker Chips

Depending upon the make and build material of the chip, changes of the poker chips weight vary to some extent. For instance, if you are opting for fiber poker chips, then they are almost 7.5 grams of weight, and if you choose the ceramic chips, then they weigh as high as 14 grams. They are good too but chips that weigh less than 10 grams are easy to hold but not easy to move around we find. We like the heavy ones here.

Questions to Ask Yourself When you select a poker set type:

  • How much money do I need to have to buy what I want? How much is my budget?
  • How often will I be using these chips?
  • Will the chips be doubling as decorations and add on’s to a nice looking games room? – if yes, you may want to look at the premium ceramic chips
  • How easy are the chips to store? Do I need a flat case? A stand up, tower type case? Brief case style with handle for travel?

These are some of the main things that you need to keep in mind while selecting your type of poker chips. Using these ideas, you can not only save a lot of money if looking to be frugal, but also what can enhance the look and feel to a really awesome home games room for hosting one heck of a rocking poker game with a semi professional feel. Hopefully this helps you no matter what budget you have, limited or unlimited for your home game needs.


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