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As most of us have discovered, bagging a supermarket delivery right now is on a par with winning the lottery – the booking slots are snapped up straight away, meaning many vulnerable customers are struggling to find a solution to getting their food shopping. The government has provided stores with a list of clinically vulnerable people who qualify for priority booking, however, some are still unsure of how to book their delivery slots. We contacted Tesco to find out exactly how these customers can book online shops…

A spokesperson for Tesco told HELLO!: 'We have been working hard to increase the capacity of our online delivery service to help more customers gain access to this service when they need it.'

Retailers are also increasing the number of slots available, such as Tesco, which has added 120,000 click and collect delivery slots and recruited an additional 7,500 staff to help deliver food. While much of the correspondence i received centred around Sainsbury’s and Tesco, it is a similar story at the rest of the nation’s supermarkets when it comes to online delivery slots. So that we can help as many customers as possible, our priority delivery slots will have an 8-hour delivery window – either from 10am-6pm or 2pm-10pm. If you’re a vulnerable customer booking a priority slot, please make sure the mobile number in your account is correct. Tesco have blanked out all thursdays slots down here, I guess thats because snow is due tonight. Not that I use tesco anymore, one of the drivers hates me, he didnt deliver a bottle of Vodka, so when I rrealised two mins after he left I called his shop to complain, they contacted him and he denied that he had it. How to get a Tesco online delivery slot for a vulnerable person. We reveal the steps you need to take to book a food shopping delivery, plus a phone number to call for help and store opening hours.

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Tesco are prioritising their vulnerable customers

How many vulnerable people have Tesco contacted?

Slot machine probability distribution calculator. Tesco's CEO Dave Lewis said: 'On Thursday, we were given an initial list of 110,000 clinically and socially isolated people by the Government. From these, we were able to match 75,000 existing customers and we’ve already contacted them to let them know we’re making home delivery slots immediately available to them. As we receive more data from Government, we’ll make even more slots available.'

How do I book a Tesco delivery slot for a vulnerable person?

To book a slot for a vulnerable person, you need to go to tesco.com/groceries and log in. Vulnerable customers can book a priority slot with an eight-hour window for delivery.

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What if I don't have a Tesco account but am a vulnerable person?

Tesco shopping slots for over 70s games

Tesco Shopping Slots For Over 70s 90s

If you don't currently have an account with Tesco but have received a letter from the NHS because you're classified as clinically vulnerable, you can create an account on their website or call Tesco on 0800 917 7359. The store can then check if you are on the government's list.

Is Tesco adding more online delivery slots?

Tesco CEO Dave Lewis said: 'We have increased our online delivery slots by 145,000 in the last two weeks with hundreds of thousands more due to become available shortly; but we know it’s still difficult to get an online delivery slot at the moment due to high demand, and we ask those who are able to safely come to stores to do so, instead of shopping online, so we can start to free up more slots for the more vulnerable.'

Tesco Online Shopping Slots For Over 70s

Is Tesco recruiting more delivery drivers?

The supermarket is in the process of adding almost 200 new delivery vans and has recruited 2,500 new drivers and more than 5,000 pickers.

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Tesco Shopping Slots For Over 70s Games

What are Tesco's shopping times for vulnerable customers?

The Tesco website states: 'We want to help everyone through these uncertain times, especially those who need extra help. So all our stores (except Express stores) will be prioritising the elderly and most vulnerable for one hour between 9am and 10am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.'