Sto Ship Loadout Slots

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Every ship can be flown with beam arrays + kinetic cutting beam. Manoeuvrable ships can be flown with Dualbeam banks in the front slots and omnibeams + kinetic cutting beam in the aft slots. It’s highly important, that all energy weapons are from the same damage type (all antiproton, all phaser, all disruptor, ). Confused by the huge number of different types of weapons in Star Trek Online? Our guide can help you figure out the difference between a Phaser Beam Array and Dual Disruptor Cannons. Each category of weapon is explained, and we offer helpful tips for how to most effectively utilize each type. Whether you're looking to check out or equip a Phaser Array, Dual Cannons, Cannons, Dual Phaser. This is how your ship should look. As you can see, my loadout is organised with only one type of weapon, Diffusive Tetryon. (New players you will either have Phaser, Disruptor, or Plasma.) Rule 4: Boost your ship's weapons with amplifiers. Take a look at the tactical slot on my ship. So it's true that science ships can't optimize for DPS as well as the other classes, but slots aren't everything, and optimizing your DPS will definitely help you in all combat situations. Plus, science ships make up for the lower number of slots by adding innate subsystem targeting (a weak version of those skills, but you get all four), plus.

  1. Sto Ship Loadout Slots
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Any starship Captain worth his salt knows the value of being prepared – you’re no different. And it’s about to get even easier to have the Loadout you seek, for any mission you’re about to face. Coming very soon on PC, and soon after on Console, we’re making some changes to how Loadouts work. First, your Space Traits are now part of a Loadout. If you’ve got just the right setup for Gravity Kills, you can save it and have it ready to go when your favorite TFOs pop up in the Random Queue.

But that’s not all – we’ve separated Active Reputation Traits into Active Reputation Ground Traits and Active Reputation Space Traits. Instead of having to choose four or five no matter whether your mission puts you on the bridge or in the trenches, you can set up for both and keep it the way you like. If you’ve unlocked the fifth trait slot, you’ll unlock it for both Ground and Space traits.

Sto Ship Loadout Slots

Sto Ship Loadout Slots

Sto Ship Loadout Slots Hack

And finally, for the fans of the “True Endgame”, Loadouts will now remember whether you enabled or disabled the visuals of your ship equipment. Love the benefits of the Competitive Engine but don’t like the way it looks? Equip it, disable the visuals, save your Loadout and never think of it again. Be your best Khan and go into battle prepared for any eventuality, Captains.