Soboba Blackjack

i checked out both joints this weekend, and played neither!
both joints on weekend nights are $10 table min.
first the bad & ugly. San Manuel is roughly 70% CSM. all non-csm games were 6D with mins from $10-$50 on the main floor and in the 'high-roller' pit $50-$200 mins. there was even a CSM in the high roller pit. H17 DS LS with iffy pen. few dealers i checked out were 1.4 cuttoff or worse. of all the casinos i've ever played at, the players here were the worst. e.g. girl had a pair of 4's out against a dealer 4 with roughly a $50 bet riding. she doubled down! to get a 2! it was incredible. other bad plays, standing on soft 16. didn't see biggyjames here.. maybe i didn't notice him in the (empty) high roller pit.
worst casino layout and parking ever. you had to drive about 0.7 miles past the casino up a huge hill into lots and be shuttled back down to the casino. the shuttles were very prompt, no waiting around, but it was really damn annoying.
weekend night: soboba as indicated by ihate17 is all h17. i thought about playing their SD game, $15 min, but they were dealing less than RO7, unless my RO7 calc is off. 2 players got 4 rounds. their DD is unplayable in my opinion, with a house edge of 0.74. oh and they deal from a shoe, yet the cards are dealt face down, like a pitch game. all around a skitzo game. their 6D game had playable rules, $10 mins, a nice non-smoking pit with 5-6 tables (a few of each game). from two dealers i saw one cutoff roughly 1.3 decks, the second 1.8ish.
total junk games IMHO so save yourself the trip.

Soboba Blackjack Rules

Soboba Casino, San Jacinto: Address, Phone Number, Soboba Casino Reviews: 3/5. This place has all the usual gambling and min. $15 blackjack means no gambling for. Soboba Casino is located at 23333 Soboba Road in San Jacinto, CA, and features a 74,000 square foot gaming floor teeming with 2,000+ slot machines and 27 table games that include everything from progressive jackpot blackjack variants to Roulette, Craps, Pai Gow, 3 and 4 Card Poker, and more.

Soboba Poker Room

Is there a casino near laredo texas. An Indian casino east of Los Angeles, in Riverside county off the 60. It is fairly remote, considering it's in the LA metropolitan area - you have to drive on a country road through farms for about ten miles south of the 60 highway before you get to the casino. Wait Time: Can be quite long (30 minutes or more), but you can pass the time playing blackjack and such out in the main casino: they. Enjoy More Games at Soboba Casino Try your luck with blackjack or see how good you are at one of the poker tables. With 38 tables and progressive jackpots, you never know when you could win big. Play longer with higher limits as you choose between games of luck or strategy. Soboba Casino Resort Get a dangle of the principles, begin with low stakes, and slowly construct your approach up – it would increase your possibilities of profitable for those who don’t burn by way of your bankroll in the primary recreation.