Slotwings Slot Models

Slotwings Slot Models

Slotwings Slot Models 1/32 Model Slot cars. Slotwings 1/32 slot car models developed in Spain by non other than FlySlot as a leading premium model slot car range for collectors and racers alike focusing on classic cars with super fine detail creating cars not approached before with serious collection potential to be had, new old school!

A.Jones, H. Pescarolo , 1976 Monaco GP
Slotwings Slot Models
Slotwings continues Platinum Collection with the presentation of the Team Surtees Set. A box that will include the two Surtees Ford TS19 at 1:32 scale that entered the 1976 Monaco GP with Alan Jones and Henri Pescarolo. Pescarolo with #38 failed to qualify and Alan Jones #19 retired after a collision.
This new Slotwings Set currently includes only Alan Jones' car, while Pescarolo's will be sold independently during the month of April. Recall that these Slotwings models have handmade resin components. Of this set (RW063-1) only 150 units have been made and it is on sale since this week
On the other hand, Slotwings has made a limited edition of Alan Jones car for the British market that is sold independently in a classic urn.

Slot Wings Slot Models List

Deutschland: 3,90€ ab 99€ Bestellwert 0€ Versandkosten. Nachname 9,90€ Europe: 13,90€ 2KG. Schweiz 15,90€ 2Kg. Schweiz 21,90€ 5Kg. Renault 5 turbo gr.b / slotwings w037-01 / camille bartoli-gilbert poletti. Slot car scale 1/32. Slotwings w037-01. CincySlots is a division of Green Sales Company. CincySlots offers both 1/24 and 1/32 Carrera D124 D132 slot car Fly slot cars Scalextric slot cars Ninco slot cars MRRC Policar Thunder Slot Sideways Revell Spirit Patriot Monogram Pioneer NSR BRM, Scaleauto Le Mans Miniature Strombecker TopSlot slot cars. Slotwings offers a range of exclusive cars with high quality details. The production is done, in collaboration with Flyslot, in Spain always with the commitment to bring a little more the history of the motorsport in the hobby. The quantity of production is very reduced: between 250-500 units of each model.

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