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For Team Fortress 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled 'Can you still craft a PDA 2 slot token, was it patched out?' Filtertfdamagedbyweaponinslot is a point entity available in Team Fortress 2. It's a filter that only allows damage from a specific weapon slot.

Crafting is fun. We have it in Team Fortress 2, but we aren’t rewarded by using it. Why? Because it’s hard to craft any specific item cause of lack of blueprints (we even can’t craft some items!). Also they often are too much luck-based. We should have possibility to craft almost all items and make more specific crafts (for higher price of course).

General changes is a search engine to find good deals from other team fortress 2 trading websites. It also has an automated mathematical spreadsheet computed from user trades and refreshed hourly. Undocumented Updated the Fabricate Class Token and Fabricate Slot Token to only require 3 weapons of the same class or loadout slot. June 10, 2010 Patch Overhauled the Main menu, and added help to Loadout, Backpack, and Crafting screens. October 6, 2010 Patch. Achievement items and store promotion items are now usable in crafting. Melee hit is melee Explosion is explosive Ranged or Melee damage? Melee hit is melee Explosion is ranged Damage Maximum ramp-up 110% Explosion: 83 Base damage 100% Melee: 55 Explosion: 75 Critical: Melee: 165 Explosion: 225 Mini-crit Melee: 74 Explosion: 111 Splash damage Minimum splash 75% 1.95 m: Self-damage 52-56 Function times Attack.

  • Some blueprints fits to a few items, so there is some blueprints which require the same items but results are diferent.


  • Fabricate Consumables Token – Tool

Slot token[any]+Slot token[any]=Consumables token[Tool]

  • Fabricate Consumables Token – Action

Slot token[any]+Slot token[any]=Consumables token[Action]

  • Smelt Tokens

Slot/Class token[any]+Slot/Class token[any]=Reclaimed Metal

  • Fabricate Class Token – Multiclass

Class token[any]+Class token[any]=Class token[Multiclass]


  • There is new window where we can can add items that we don’t want to create. After crafting we will lose them but however we can make our craft less luck based. Crafting recipe with one result won’t have this window. Also the more items we added to this window the higher level our item will have.


  • Slot token[secondary]+Class token[soldier]+Buff Banner=random soldier”s secondary weapon excluding Buff Banner
  • Cosmetic Token+Class token[scout]+Baseball Bill’s Sports Shine=random scout’s cosmetic item excluding Baseball Bill’s Sports Shine


  • Hats, Miscellaneous items, Face items (and other new cosmetic items if there will be) are named “Cosmetic items”


  • We have new bookmark in crafting for Consumables Items (items which are usable and often exhaustible). These crafting recipes would be available only for premium accounts. Icon:


New crafting items

They will help us create specific items. Also by them we will create nowdays uncraftable items.

Class Token – Multiclass (2x any Class token or 3x multiclass weapon)

Used to craft items used by at least 2 classes.

Cosmetic Token(3 Refined Metals)

Used to craft cosmetic items.

Consumables Token – Tool(2x any Slot token)

Used to craft Tools.

Consumables Token – Action(2x any Slot token)

Used to craft Action items.

Strange Metal Scrap(2x Refined Metal)

Used to craft Strange items.


Blueprints changes

  • Fabricate Class Weapons

Crafting weapons with tokens no longer require scrap metal


  • Rebuild Headgear -> Rebuild Cosmetic Items

2x any Cosmetic items=3x Refined Metal


  • Smelt Tokens => Smelt Slot/Class Token

Crafting Reclaimed Metal from tokens no longer required 3 tokens but only 2


  • Fabricate Haunted Headgear

Crafting Hallowen Hats now require Cosmetic Token instead of 4xRefined Metal


  • Fabricate Class Headgear -> Fabricate Class Cosmetic item

Crafting Fabricate Class Cosmetic no longer required 4 Refined Metals and Class token but only Cosmetic token (3 Refined Metals) and Class token


New blueprints

  • Crafting only the Tokens will result in craft random item form the tokens (excluding Consumables tokens)


  • Slot token[melee]=random melee weapon
  • Class token[Spy]=random Spy’s weapon
  • Cosmetic token=random Cosmetic item
  • Class token[primary]+Slot token[Scout]=random Scout’s primary weapon


  • Smelt Consumables Tokens

Consumables Token[Any]=Reclaimed Metal


  • Smelt Cosmetic Tokens

Cosmetic Token=3xRefined Metal


  • Fabricate Rocket Jumper

Direct Hit+Chargin’ Targe=Rocket Jumper


  • Fabricate Sticky Jumper

Scottish Resistance+Razorback=Sticky Jumper


  • Fabricate Name Tag

Consumables Token[Tool]+Reclaimed Metal=Name Tag


  • Fabricate Description Tag

Consumables Token[Tool]+Reclaimed Metal=Description Tag


  • Fabricate Paint Can

Consumables Token[Tool]+Refined Metal=Paint Can


  • Rebuild Paint Can

2x Paint Can=Diferent Paint Can


  • Fabricate Backpack Expander

Consumables Token[Tool]+8x Refined Metal=Backpack Expander


  • Fabricate Gift Wrap

Consumables Token[Tool]+Refined Metal=Gift Wrap


  • Fabricate Decal Tool

Consumables Token[Tool]+Refined Metal=Decal Tool Orden letras poker.


  • Fabricate Strange Part

Consumables Token[Tool]+Strange Metal Scrap=Strange Part


  • Rebuild Strange Part

2xStrange Part=Diferent Strange Part


  • Fabricate Secret Saxton

Consumables Token[Action]+Scrap Metal=Secret Saxton


  • Fabricate Pile o’ Gifts

Consumables Token[Action]+Refined Metal=Pile o’ Gifts


  • Fabricate Dueling Mini-Game

Consumables Token[Action]+Any weapon=Dueling Mini-Game


  • Fabricate Noise Maker

Consumables Token[Action]+Reclaimed Metal=Noise Maker


  • Rebuild Noise Maker

2x Noise Maker=Diferent Noise Maker


  • Fabricate Strange Weapon
Slot token melee tf2 roblox

3xStrange Metal Scrap=Strange Weapon


  • Rebuild Strange Weapon

2xStrange Weapon=Diferent Strange Weapon


  • Fabricate Action Taunt

Consumables Token[Action]+6xRefined Metal=Action Taunt


  • Rebuild Action Taunt

2xAction Taunt=Diferent Action Taunt


  • Fabricate 2010 Haunted Headgear

Cosmetic Token+Refined Metal+Haunted Metal Scrap=Spine-Chilling Skull[Or]Voodoo Juju


Slot Token Melee Tf2 Code

As many of you know with the new Demoman/Solider update, there was a new feature added to the game, crafting. I'm starting to believe that TF2 is turning into a MMORPG game, but anyway there are blueprints/recipes to make items, hats and weapons. I've seen a few websites and forum, with blueprints lists on, but some are wrong, unproven and not complete, and is causing confusion to some players.
So while my internet connection was down and unable to play TF2 for nearly a week, I decided to clean the house up and I must say I've done a lovely job, but after I did that, I been working on the a complete blueprint chart for the crafting feature over the weekend, with all the known and proven recipes.
You are two versions of the chart, (one with a background image and one without), at three different monitor sizes. 1440x900 (19' Widescreen), 1680x1050 (22' Widescreen) and 1920x1200 (24' Widescreen) for your desktop wallpaper if you wish.
Version 1
Version 2
You can download the complete set of images (six images in all, 2 versions at 3 different sizes) from here.
Please give some feedback on which version you like and I know there will be a couple of mistakes, (usually spelling mistakes) in the chart. So if you see any please tell me and don't have a go at me, cos I've spent nearly 15 hours doing this chart for you guys.