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Mid-South Engineering Acquires Stolberg Engineering

Mid-SouthEngineering of Hot Springs, Arkansas, ispleased to announce that it has acquired Canada’s Stolberg Engineering.Going forward, Stolberg Engineering will operate from its office in Richmond,BC, as the Mid-South Engineering Stolberg Group, where it will continue to beled by industry veterans Norm Stolberg and Rod Gronlund.

Marc Stewart, Presidentof Mid-South Engineering, commented, “The Stolberg team is widely respected and the company has a rich history overthe nearly 40 years it has been providing engineering services to the buildingproducts and wood pellet industries. This acquisition really strengthens ourteam and launches Mid-South into a whole new region.” ​

12591 Vulcan Way Richmond, B.C. V6V 1J7 Phone: (604) 273-1915 Fax: (604) 273-3729. Jette Bakgaard Stolberg is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Jette Bakgaard Stolberg and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. Stolberg-Stolberg was a county of the Holy Roman Empire located in the southern Harz region. Its capital was the town of Stolberg, now in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. It was ruled by a branch of the House of Stolberg. In 1429, the County of Wernigerode passed to the Counts of Stolberg, who ruled Wernigerode through a personal union.

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Marc explained further that the combination is expected to allow Mid-Southand Stolberg team members to expand their professional experiences by beingpart of a broader team – both groups will be able to bring additional expertiseand services both to their respective existing clients, and to new clients inwood products related industries.​ Together, Mid-South and Stolberg can handle the challenges of large-scaleindustrial projects across virtually all of the wood processing regions inNorth America.

Says Rod Gronlund of Stolberg, “I’m really looking forward to being a part of this larger combined organization: I think our clients will appreciate the greater depth, capacity, and range of services that we will be able to offer as part of Mid-South. It will be great to see the Stolberg legacy continue on.” Norm Stolberg adds, “I think our construction background and experience in the industry will bring another facet to the combined group and we look forward to continued growth and enhanced opportunities as we integrate the legacies of these two great companies.”

All Stolberg staffwill continue to work out of the company’s existing offices in Richmond, BC, andwill carry on serving clients with ongoing projects. The cohesion of these two independentengineering firms will enhance the wood processing industry with coordinated andprofessional engineering services that are second to none.

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Stolberg Engineering was founded in 1980 as an offshoot of Stolberg Construction, which had been building plants and installing equipment for the wood products industry across Western Canada since the late 1940s. Today Stolberg employs 21 engineers, draftsmen, project managers, and support staff, including four licensed engineers, and regularly serves clients across Canada, the Northwest U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. For more information about the Stolberg Group, please contact Norm Stolberg or Rod Gronlund at 604-273-1915.

Since 1969 Mid-South Engineering hasserved as a trusted independent consultant to the wood products industry,delivering a full range of engineering services, including civil, structural,mechanical, electrical, and architectural engineering, project development,project management, and construction services. Mid-South is headquartered inHot Springs, Arkansas, and has additional offices near Raleigh, North Carolina,Bangor, Maine, and now with the addition of the Stolberg Group, near Vancouver,BC, as well. Since 2017, Mid-South Engineering has been an independentlymanaged, but wholly owned subsidiary of sawmill and plywood mill equipmentmanufacturer USNR. For more information about Mid-South Engineering, please contactMarc Stewart at 501-321-2276.

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