Slot Machine Bartenders

When slots were first invented, gamers would hinge their hopes for a win on the horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts, and Liberty Bell symbols on the three-wheel machines. These days, slots keep players entertained with a variety of themes, symbols and characters and for many, it’s the quirky characters that keep them coming back for more.

The Griffin family members

Whether you prefer to play slots online or on land, you’re sure to find a plethora of fun-filled slot machines these days that centre on popular TV shows or films. By far one of the most popular adult animations, Family Guy, even has a slot counterpart, perfect for those looking for a little entertainment and a couple of laughs with every spin.

These machines aren’t likely to replace your favorite casino bartender, though. These machines will be used in service bars, bars behind the scenes churning out thousands of drinks for players on the casino floor. We should mention there are service bars in restaurants, too, and our sources say those bartenders will be phased out as well. Foxwoods disabled every other video slot machine. It closed the poker room and limited players at the tables. Mohegan took similar measures. Bartenders, waitresses and dealers all make more. The next phase in the robotic bar revolution was to slap a computer onto the bar well, add a touch screen, and voila: no more need for a bartender. There still needs to be human interaction with the machine; they can’t read minds or stock themselves yet.

At the heart of the epic Fox TV show, Family Guy-inspired slots are the antics of the Griffin family, which are as LOL-worthy as they are politically incorrect. This slot game may have you chuckling at your computer with quotes popping up on screen and soundbite snippets from the show itself. Between the crazy family’s characters and the fact that this game has a huge range of special features and bonuses, you’re sure to be entertained and eager to come back for more.

Waitresses still fly around the casino floor offering table game and slot machine players complimentary drinks. Of course, depending on the casino the drink might taste a little different. In 2016, MGM Resorts started to serve cocktails with only 1.25 ounces of spirits instead of the typical 1.5 ounces. Pints and Pounds Online Slot Review. Free Pints and Pounds slot can be played with budgets of all sizes. This is the online slot machine game from Amaya, which has a beer-themed storyline. The no registration game has 25 paylines and 5 reels that accommodate symbols like fish, chips, pints of beer, bartenders, bar wrenches and revelers.

Pink Panther

One of the most well-known cartoon characters of all time also has his very own slot games. If you’re someone who likes to play slots online, then you have to try at least one game on the iconic Pink Panther slots. While he’s not necessarily a “laugh out loud” kind of character, there’s no slot game more classic than this one and what’s more, it comes with epic bonus games, progressive jackpot adventure rounds, special features, Pink Panther wilds and much more, making it a wildly exciting game to play.

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter slot machine has drawn its inspiration from the fabulous Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. The definition of ‘quirky’, the Mad Hatter is depicted in this slot game in dramatic poses or leaping with joy and boasting rather interesting expressions. He appears amongst other symbols on the reels, many of which also relate back to the original tale, with rabbits, teapots and pastries making appearances.

In these slot games, the Mad Hatter often stands in for the wild symbol with a bunny representing the scatter symbol. Other fun quirks include a Cuckoo Bonus which is triggered by the appearance of three cuckoo clocks or more. With hilarious images, upbeat sounds and vivid colours, this game is equally light-hearted and entertaining.

Little Britain characters

Much like the Family Guy theme, the Little Britain slots are a firm favourite among avid British TV fans. This incredibly entertaining slot game is based on the TV comedy sketch of the same name and it leverages a phenomenal range of characters from the show. Loads of extra features and character-driven bonuses which are unbelievably creative and hilarious make this slot game extra fun. You might want to play this one in the comfort (and privacy) of your home as random outbursts of laughter on the tube might be frowned upon. If you’re a Little Britain fan, you’ll definitely appreciate how they have harnessed the humour from the show for this game.

Moody, egg-laying chickens

The incredibly creative EggOMatic slot centres on a rooster that is in charge of a factory of noticeably angry/tired/grumpy egg-laying chickens. The rooster’s main job is to ensure that the chickens lay as many bonus eggs as possible to give players ample opportunity to win. The designers of the game did a great job with the animations and the entertainment value lies largely with the comically sleepy and unhappy hens.

Fruity Burst characters

Whenever you play online slots (or even on-land), you’ll probably come across the ever-popular Fruity Burst slots. This popular slot game is known for its five reels and 25 paylines which definitely keeps things exciting. With the advancements in technology and graphics, the fruit symbols are cuter than ever before with all the classic favourites represented, from Oranges and Grapes to Lemons and Tomatoes.

Lucky Larry

Gamers who love their video slot games should keep an eye out for the ever-amusing Lucky Larry in Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania. This lobster/fisherman is a little odd but hugely popular! Lucky Larry is represented in one of two ways; either a shiny red lobster with a pipe in his mouth (naturally), donning a yellow fisherman’s outfit or some sort of human version, with the same quintessential trademarks (the pipe and the yellow fishing gear). The game is generally fairly bizarre because of its off-kilter main character, but ultimately it’s great fun and good for a laugh.

The Flintstones

Quirky, familiar and funny, there’s nothing quite like a Flintstones-themed slot. The iconic cartoon that inspired this slot game shot to incredible fame already in the 60s and thanks to ample episodes of the much-loved cartoon, remakes, special editions, live-action movies, spinoffs, and paraphernalia, it’s as popular as ever.

The Flintstones video slots have the key Flintstones characters as the slot symbols (including the pet Dino!) and boast an array of unique features, special modes and “Bowling Bonuses” (Fred does love his bowling) which might mean cash prizes and multipliers for lucky players. The host of special features, the famous characters and epic graphics make this slot game a big hit.

Count Duckula

Take another trip down memory lane (back to the 80s and 90s) with the strange, yet amusing, vegetarian vampire duck — Count Duckula (which was actually a spinoff of Danger Mouse).

This ridiculously creative character is also a central figure in a slot game, with the character himself acting as the wilds. There are special character-driven features and bonuses (including the Igor Mystery Potion and the Duckula Wall of Fame bonus). You can also try to win big with the progressive jackpot feature — with Count Duckula, it feels like anything could be possible.

Drunk bugs

The hilarious Pub Crawlers slot game offers gamers access to a strange world filled with bugs who like their booze. This five-reel slot game centres on bar patrons, ladybug waitresses, flies, scorpions and other bugs having a good old night out. The bartender is a butterfly, there are cockroaches drinking Martinis, spiders playing poker and hornets playing pool — it’s creative, unusual and jam-packed with hilarious characters.

The Big Bad Wolf

Slot Machine Bartenders

Another hugely popular video slot is the Big Bad Wolf, inspired by the Three Little Pigs tale and the Quickspin version makes use of excellent graphics to depict some truly comical characters. This game takes the form of a five-reel slot with 25 paylines to keep things exciting.

The reels are swooping, symbols tumble down in blocks and wins are marked by exploding symbols which are replaced with new ones (giving the opportunity for multiple wins). The wolf huffs and puffs in one feature (aptly called “Blowing Down the House”) there are wolf scatter symbols, special rewards like extra spins, multipliers and more. It’s thrilling and fun with some wonderfully depicted characters.

A romantic frog

Frog Royale is a comedy 3D video slot based on the Frog and the Princess story, where the princess kisses the frog to find out he is her prince charming. Great characters, incredible graphics and enchanting themes make this truly enjoyable to play. This slot game comes with the opportunity to land exceptional bonus features, free spins and special golden symbols which could mean big prizes.


If quirky, cute and funny slot machines are your thing then you will definitely love Rango. The main character of this jackpot slot is the oddball cowboy chameleon from the animated film and he is joined by a number of his popular co-stars, such as Bad Bill the horrible tortoise and Priscilla the mouse. Goofy, lighthearted and packed with surprises (and the potential for big wins), this slot is a must-play.

A few feathery fowls

If you’re an avid Twitcher then you’re bound to love the funny-looking birds in Feathered Frenzy. From parrots and toucans to owls and cardinals, bluebirds and more, you’re sure to satiate your love for bird watching and slots with this game. The birds do cute little dances when they land on active paylines, there are loads of free spins up for grabs, a golden scatter egg and comical bonus rounds. The birds have been well-designed to be absolutely adorable.

If you love to play slots online, then the great news is there’s no shortage of quirky themes and funny characters to make your gaming experience all the more enjoyable. Head over to Mecca Bingo and embrace the huge variety of slots available at the click of a button. You can also play online bingo, scratchcards, jackpots and more.

We design machines to make our lives easier. As our devices get smarter and robots get more realistic, there is a looming fear of having our jobs replaced by robots one day.

But what if you wake up one day to find your job has been replaced by a robot? Some might immediately look for another job, others might be knocked flat by a crushing blow to the old self esteem. And what if you head to the casino bar to drown your sorrows, only to find out the bartender has been replaced by a robot?

Rise of the Machine

Movies like The Terminator are so successful because they speak to the dark side of technology and humanity’s fear of being destroyed by our own creation. This ‘tech noir’ addresses the very real fear of tech becoming completely out of control when taken to an extreme conclusion.

The Terminator and other films like it came out around the time the auto industry embraced robotic car assembly machines, effectively making many workers redundant. A precision factory robot cuts down on human error, saves the company money on wages and injury payouts, and speeds up the production process.

As robots went from simple arms in factories to full-on, human-shaped robots that walked and talked, our deep-rooted fear of tech remained. What if an automated car kills a human? What if we design a machine that decides to get rid of us? Well, we’re not quite there yet, but we are on the brink of having our drinks poured by robots in casinos and beyond. Which is almost as bad.

Beerbot 2000?

Everybody loves the organic, interactive experience of bartenders and cocktail servers. The smiles, the jokes, the customer service trade craft – all add up to a satisfying drinking experience. So, what happens when the human element is removed, and the drinks are poured and served by robots?

Drink dispensing ‘robots’ are already a thing. What started off as ‘the well bar’ was suddenly changed into a fully automated drink dispensing machine. So-called well drinks were cheaper because they came from a dispenser of pre-mixed alcohol and mixers.

Slot Machine Bar

The next phase in the robotic bar revolution was to slap a computer onto the bar well, add a touch screen, and voila: no more need for a bartender. There still needs to be human interaction with the machine; they can’t read minds or stock themselves yet.

One such machine is called Smartender, a smart device and bartender all in one. A drink server just needs to add ice to a glass, slide it into the machine, and press the desired drink button. The Smartender offers hundreds of popular drink recipes in thousands of variable combinations.

If a customer can’t tell the server exactly what they want and only say ‘bring me something tropical,’ there’s an app for that in the Smartender. The server clicks on the ‘tropical’ category, selects the type of booze and mixer, and the machine does the rest. It even recommends the type of garnish for each drink.

Caesars has already introduced similar bar-bots in their Atlantic City casinos, and MGM Resorts seeks to do so as well. In the current climate of social distancing, a bar-bot just might be the ticket. But it’s not a win–win for everyone.

Server Protests

Bartenders replaced by the bar robot are naturally upset by the so-called progress. But cocktail waitresses at the Caesars Atlantic City casinos are especially upset. They’ve put the ordering directly in the customers’ hands.

Patrons on the casino floor can now order drinks directly from a terminal at their gaming table, the order goes to the bar-bot, and the server merely brings the drinks to the customer.

Some of the waitresses at these casinos have filed a petition with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. The petition requests the department to examine the system for any obvious problems.

One of the obvious problems mentioned by the waitresses was the lack of customer contact. Without proper interaction before and after the drink order, a server has no way to tell if her customer is too drunk and should be cut off.

According to a representative for the Unite Here, the casino workers union, this is a very valid point.

“All of these cocktail waitresses have extensive training in identifying when people are inebriated so they can cut them off,” said Ben Begleiter, research analyst for the union. “They have extensive training in slowing down how often they bring drinks so that people don’t become overly intoxicated. Now they don’t have the ability to do any of that.”

Slot Machine Bartenders Job

Praising Progress

But the casino operators see the automated bartenders a necessary part of progress. They say the system is more efficient as it allows gamblers to continue playing rather than waiting around for drinks. And in the current coronavirus climate, the minimized contact is safer.

MGM Resorts launched its massive cost-cutting initiative, dubbed MGM 2020. The plan saves $300 million in costs, $100 million of which is paid out to labor. And each cocktail ATM costs about half of what the average bartender makes.

In addition to the obvious payroll costs, MGM said the machines offer a wealth of benefits. By exactly portioning all the drink ingredients, the bar-bots prevent overpours and drink waste. The bar-bots also keep a database of all materials and orders to alert a human handler when a new tank of booze needs to be added. There is also precise accounting of the number of drinks served and which servers delivered them, adding to the bean counter’s bottom line.

MGM continued to tout its tech by stating that the big picture includes universal drink guidelines and measurements across all its casinos, resorts, and restaurants.

Progress at What Price?

The biggest opponents of the automated bartender machines are the bartenders and servers themselves, but many customers complain about the bar-bots.

According to visitors to popular Las Vegas blogs and forums, most of the comments were negative. Several people commented on the loss of jobs, the reduction of the middle class, the increase of the rich and poor. Others lamented the loss of the human interaction. The friendly server and the bartender banter might be replaced by an impersonal drink-bot.

Our opinion: keep the bartenders and servers in the casinos where they belong; they’re a vital part of the whole casino experience. As for the bar-bot, we’re waiting for them to be mass produced by China so they can be cheap enough for us to have them installed in our homes.

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