Slot Diffuser Installation

  1. 6650 Slot Diffuser Installation

Aerodynamically designed blades provide a tight horizontal pattern that maintains stability even at low airflow rates, making the SDS ideal for VAV applications. Roulette pointers. Excellent for architectural applications, the SDS has many mounting styles and is available with multiple slot widths and quantities to meet a range of airflow requirements.

Menerga slot diffusers allow steady and effective distribution of air and heat in a room. They are only minimal visible and easy to install. They are mounted on window fronts in swimming pool halls in order to keep the windows mist-free and can also be used in every other building type. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FLOWLINE ™ ARCHITECTURAL LINEAR SLOT DIFFUSERS Installation Practices During Hard Ceiling Construction Following are the recommended instructions for FlowlineTM Diffuser installation. It is the responsibility of the installing contractor to install in accordance with local codes and regulations. TECNALCO model SLD ‘TS’ is a supply linear slot diffuser with integral volume control damper also called as (Hit and miss damper ) and set of deflection blades that on fully adjustable from the face of the diffuser. TECNALCO model RLD ‘TS’ is a return or extract linear slot diffuser with air pattern controlling deflector blades.

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6650 Slot Diffuser Installation

  • Models
    • Supply (SDS)
    • Return (SDR)
    • Curved supply/return (SDC)
    • 4-way Slot Diffuser (SDS4)
  • Plenum
    • Sloped (SDA)
    • Square (SDB)
  • Slot Widths
    • 1/2 in.
    • 3/4 in.
    • 1 in.
    • 1 1/2 in.
  • Slot Quantity
    • 1 to 10
  • Accessories
    • Blank-off strips
    • Mitered corner section (MC)