Scotland Poker Tournaments 2019

WPT® Alpha8, World Poker Tour’s new series of super high-roller poker tournaments, airs on Fox Sports 1 Mondays at 9 p.m. The coverage is anchored by Lynn Gilmartin, and co-hosts Ali Nejad and high-stakes poker player Olivier Busquet provide expert commentary of the game. Every poker tournament series, event and festival in the US and Canada is here on PokerAtlas, including the World Series of Poker (WSOP), World Poker Tour (WPT), Heartland Poker Tour (HPT), and all others. The UK and Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) started in December 2009, is a major regional poker tour in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The UKIPT is sponsored by, like its counterparts, the European Poker Tour (2004), Asia Pacific Poker Tour (2007), Latin American Poker Tour (2008) and North American Poker Tour (2010). RF North Scotland VEGAS100 QUALIFIER – Martin Emslie – Northern Bar, Aberdeen 02 Graham Kettles – Caledonian Bar, Forfar 03 George Robertson – Mither Tap, Aberdeen 04 Mark Henderson – Butchers Arms, Aberdeen 05 Jason Gordon – Northern Bar, Aberdeen 06 Tia Angus – Dunnichen Stone, Forfar 07 Chris Macdonald – Sobar, Inverness 08. Welcome to the Unibet Open! Play the hottest live poker tournament circuit in Europe, with ever-growing numbers of players from amateurs to professionals battling for six-figure prize pools in some of the continent’s most glamorous locations.


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Rob Ryan won $26,838

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Representing No Limit Pub Poker, Rob Ryan was the 2019 East Coast Champion.

Rafael Jimenez won $50,000

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Representing Texas Poker Tour, Rafael Jimenez of Texas was the 2019 National Champion.

Basil Congro won $50,000

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Representing Eastern Poker Tour, Basil Congro of Massachusetts was the 2018 National Champion.

Caryn Bustos won $40,000

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Representing The Pub Poker Arizona, Caryn Bustos of Arizona was the 2017 National Champion.

Donna Rohwer won $24,000

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Representing Nevada Poker League, Donna Rohwer of Nevada was the 2016 National Champion.

Jesse Gutierrez won $23,350

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Representing KOntenders Poker USA, Jesse Gutierrez of Texas was the 2018 East Coast Champion.

John Beady won $24,190

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Representing Eastern Poker Tour, John Beady of Massachusetts was the 2017 East Coast Champion.

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Your BPO Career begins at the bar. Head to your local bar hosting 'BPO Events' and bring your poker clan. Grab a drink, have a meal, and finish yourself in the Top 3 to earn a 'BPO Token'.

Scotland Poker Tournaments 2019

Redeem that tokens to access over $600,000 in annual prizes. Casino tricks to win. Place approximately the top 4%, and you won yourself a National Championship Seat. That's It! Plus, If you come in 1st Place in that same event, you win a full Vegas Vacation, on us!

Collect league points as you play your way through BPO sanctioned games to boost your rankings in the Super League standings. Get yourself invited to the next championship, plus higher tier finishers earn invites to the Super League Championship.

RankPlayerPointsTop 3Top 20%
1John Kelly3,001.131642
2Francesco Therisod3,001.131642
3Leon Darcy3,001.131642

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