Remote And Non Remote Gambling Licence

  1. Remote And Non Remote Gambling Licence Requirements

We have the Remote Gambling Software licence, which enables us to create and develop digital solutions for the UK gambling industry.

In 2014, the UK Gambling Commission introduced changes to gambling regulations, meaning that from April 2015, “all gambling software used by the licensee must have been manufactured by the holder of a gambling software operating license”. This requirement affects all holders of remote (online) casino, bingo and betting licenses who must all use licensed providers.

Non-Remote licence Licence number: 029471-N-311289-013 A non-remote licence is required for physical, land-based gambling, for example, bookmakers, betting shops, arcades and casinos. The Gambling Act 2005 provides for a range of licences to be granted to both non-remote (i.e. Land-based) as well as remote businesses. Points to note are that land-based casino licences are not freely available and the rollout of major casino resorts envisaged when the legislation was passed has generally not occurred. Ancillary remote operating licence. If you are applying for or already hold a non-remote society lottery operating licence, but want to accept payments for participation in a lottery online (or by other remote means) up to a maximum of £250,000 proceeds per annum, you can apply for an ancillary remote licence to your main licence. Remote gambling software licence operating licence This licence allows you to manufacture, supply, install or adapt gambling software by means of remote communication. For example, it will allow you to supply gambling software via methods of secure file transmission or to make gambling software available for download by operators from your server. There will be what is referred to as an open system. Any business that feels it meets the licensing conditions is free to submit an application. It is not necessary for a company to currently be an operator of online games of chance in order to be eligible for a licence. The Ksa will issue the licences.

To be able to carry on our legacy of developing innovative and engaging products for the UK gambling industry, we secured a Remote Gambling Software licence in March 2015. We are very proud to have been awarded this licence as it demonstrates that our products are built to a high standard of quality with a close eye on stopping any potential security implications, both of which are requirements of the UK Gambling Commission.

Technical Standards

As a licensed gambling development company, this gives us the authority to “manufacture, supply, install or adapt gambling software” for the UK and Ontario gambling industry.

This means that we must adhere to a strict set of technical standards outlined by the UK Gambling Commission. These cover a range of topics including but not limited to:

  • Display of transactions
  • Access to rules
  • Responsible product design
  • Display of customer account information

In addition, we adhere to stringent testing strategy procedures for all gambling products to ensure that they are fit for purpose and tested to a high standard.

Information Security

Our Remote Gambling Software licence requires that we meet the standards of ISO 27001:2013. Therefore, we’ve tightened our internal security policies, processes and procedures, and provided training for all staff members on the importance of information security.

This means that security is at the forefront of what we do for all of our clients, both within the gambling industry.

The land-based gambling sector is highly regulated. There is no other betting and gaming team in the UK that has represented all major bookmakers in licensing applications or has undertaken as much advocacy in contested casino applications before the Courts. We were, therefore, extremely pleased when Andrew and Paddy were referred to as, “arguably the two leading betting and gaming solicitors in the country” (Chambers Directory). Both have appeared in Magistrates’ Courts and Crown Courts, and before Licensing Committees, throughout the UK.

Paddy and Andrew have also secured their Higher Rights of Audience which enables our clients to give direct instructions, safe in the knowledge that there will be continuity of representation from instruction to court hearing. The team has been strengthened by the work Sarah Frow undertakes in the lotteries sector and by Sarah and Andy being appointed as legal advisors to the National Lotteries Council and their members.


The firm has a stellar list of casino clients in the UK and represents major operators such as Grosvenor, Caesars UK and Mayfair Casino as well as independent casino operators such as Silverbond Enterprises Limited.

Andy Woods has secured new Operating licence for new entrants to the casino market in the last few years and many of those clients are non UK based. Licences have been obtained for clients from Latvia, Cambodia , Greece and Hong Kong and several other operators have received specific casino sector advice. We have a dedicated support team to assist Andy and Paddy in gathering information and documentation to support operating licence applications and a good working relationship with the UK Gambling Commission.

Paddy has recently advised a client on a major new entrant to the UK Adult Gaming Centre market and has submitted a detailed application to the UK Gambling Commission for consideration. This is likely to be followed by a significant number of Premises Licence applications.


Andy has been involved in advising clients in some of the leading enforcement cases brought by the UK Gambling Commission across all sectors and advises on strategy and document preparation as well as representing the clients at any enforcement meetings.

William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral and Bet Fred have all been represented by the team in contested Premises Licence applications. Woods Whur continues to be instructed in contested hearings which are brought before the Committee – including Coral and a range of independents – as well as acting for Jennings Racing – the largest independent bookmaker in the South East.

Paddy and Andy have also dealt with many contested hearings for Adult Gaming Centre applications in the last 12 months many of which have been conducted virtually by zoom or Microsoft teams.

Our Gambling department has extensive experience in all matters and continues to develop and maintain its reputation as the leader in the UK

Please contact Andrew Woods on 07738 170138 or [email protected] if you would like further information.

Remote And Non Remote Gambling Licence Requirements

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