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Want to sell your old Trade Stimulator and get top dollar?

We are very interested in buying your old mechanical Trade Stimulator no matter what the condition. If you have more than one machine that's even better as we are looking for many different models. These machines were widely used to stimulate trade throughout the country and could be found in just about every town. They would be located in the local cigar store, confectionary, general store, and just about any other place you might purchase something. Their job was to do just what they were called stimulate trade.

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For example: imagine if you were going to the store today and at the checkout register there was a trade stimulator setting on the counter. You just went there for milk and eggs but for 50 cents you can play a machine and possibly win 2 packs of gum for the price of one. Well you didn't even come for gum but it is so tempting you take 50 cents out of your pocket and give it a spin to try and win. With only a small percentage of winners it is doubtful you may actually win 2 packs but you lose and still get the single pack at the retail price of 50 cents, which is now in the machine. The store owner who only pays off to a few customers is now selling box after box of gum and coaxing most everyone out of money they would have never spent at his store.

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These old Trade Stimulators range with such vast differences it is impossible to describe all of them. Some of the different ways they can be found to play are as race games, roulette, color wheel, pointer, card machine, dial, dice, coin drop, target, cigarette, and the list goes on and on. If you can put your coin in a machine and win but nothing comes out of the machine then you have a trade stimulator. That is the difference from a trade stimulator to a slot machine.

We are very interested in these old mechanical Trade Stimulators and condition, location, or amount is no problem. If you have one you would like to sell contact K.C. Coin-op and we will be glad to buy it. Mont parnes regency casino of athens. Contact us

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