Priest Best In Slot Vanilla

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Huawei prices in slot. If you're going to invest this much time into making a serious gearing guide for casual players for Classic, make it something a casual player is going to want to come back to constantly. Just make a guide for the best gear available outside of 20 or 40 man raids, that's what a casual player wants. README Use the TABs to select the item list for each patch level Note: Trinkets are situational and have been moved into an extra TAB with their 1.12 stats.

  • A Beginner Holy Priests PvE guide to success by Shayss. In a party, a priest is considered the standard go-to healer. They have many tools at their disposal for topping people off and come with some pretty neat, albeit rather plain, buffs that compliment any group. You will need to learn how to weave multiple ranks of the same spells.
  • Pre-Raid Best in Slot (BiS) List for Holy and Discipline Priests In order to prepare your Priest healer for raiding, you will need to collect gear from pre-raid activities, such as dungeons. The page below shows the best-in-slot for Priest healers without any raid loot available to them.
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Priest Best In Slot Vanilla

EDIT: The gear values account for 5/5 Spiritual Guidance, if you do not have the talent the gear order is different.
EDIT2: Please do comment if you see missing items of importance and/or stats that aren't correct.
EDIT3: Added a couple of wands, removed conc/healing items, added some items, edited stats and updated according to the comments.
HolyEDIT4: Replaced my link with

Best In Slot Vanilla Wow Shadow Priest


Best In Slot Shadow Priest Vanilla

's hard work as I am no longer playing WoW. (list for history)