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If you happened to be strolling through the jam-packed hallways of the Rio All Suites Hotel & Casino earlier this year – soaking in the sights and sounds of the 2018 World Series of Poker (WSOP)– you might just have met a man dressed as a shark passing out $1 bills.

The poker world is divided on whether online bracelets count or not, but for the purposes of prop betting they certainly do. Daniel Negreanu has once again thrown the gauntlet down and started booking seven figures of bracelet bets for the very different looking WSOP this year. Prop betting is an excellent way to inject live poker with even more action. It not only gives you an opportunity to win a little extra cash on the side, but it also acts to enhance the social camaraderie among all poker players at the table. Read on to see what types of prop bets we recommend you make next time you play live poker. In one of the more insane prop bets the poker world has ever seen, two poker pros wagered $100,000 on whether or not one of them could live in complete isolation for 30 days. Rich Alati, a poker. Poker pro Rich Alati endures 20 days of a 30-day sensory-deprivation prop bet against fellow pro Rory Young, winning $62,400 when he accepts a buy-out offer from Young. An unusual $100,000 proposition (“prop”) bet between high-stakes poker pros Rich Alati and Rory Young over whether Alati could endure being confined in a pitch-black room. Poker Tip Key Takeaway: Be Consistent. Poker is a long-term game. You need time to build your bankroll and find the right cash game or poker tournament strategy that works for you.

No, this wasn’t a promotional stunt for poker sunglasses company Blue Shark Optics or one of the weirdos who come to the WSOP every year looking to play dress-up.

Instead, recreational player Brandon Potter of Connecticut wore the shark costume while paying passersby a buck apiece to tell him a bad beat story.

During a segment of ESPN’s coverage of the WSOP Main Event, reporter Joe Stapleton caught up with Potter to find out exactly how he came to find himself in such a curious position.

As it turns out, Potter recently lost a “last longer” bet to a poker pal, with the mutually agreed upon punishment being a day spent listening to bad beat stories.

When his friend survived longer in the tournament both were playing, Potter came out on the wrong end of the painful prop bet, forcing him to don the carnivore costume while doing the worst dutyin poker.

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As you can see here in this photo snapped by former Bluff Magazine editor Lance Bradley, Potter didn’t seem to be all that happy about his predicament, but then again, that’s the wholepoint.

Brandon Potter is paying people $1 to hear bad beat stories. He’s gotta get rid of $100 in two hours after losing a last longer bet.
I love the WSOP Main Event.

— Lance Bradley (@Lance_Bradley) July 3, 2018

In this post, I’m going to explore the weird and wonderful world of prop betting among poker players. You might think that these people are fully committed to their gambling on the felt, butthat’s obviously not enough excitement for them.


Prop bets (also known as proposition bets) are extremely popular in the poker world and come in all shapes and sizes. These, as you would expect to, include a proposition of some sorts and a bet. I can guarantee that you’ve probably made a proposition bet before and might not have even known it. Ever told your friend “I bet you $5 you can’t eat that whole pizza?’ That is the definition of a prop bet. You proposed that they could or could not do something and agreed to bet money on it.

Prop bets happen year round and sometimes are some of the funniest and strangest things in the world. I’ve seen prop bets about losing absurd amounts of weight, trying to run insane distances, and even one recently where a guy tried to eat $1000 in McDonalds in 36 hours.

If you’re thinking these bets are silly, you’re probably going to think they’re even sillier when you hear that hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions were bet on these.

Prop bets don’t always have to be silly in nature. A lot of times and especially around World Series of Poker time, these are more “normal” in nature. That is if there is anything normal about betting hundreds of thousands of dollars on whether or not someone can do something.

I want to introduce you to the most popular types of prop bets you see at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). While these won’t involve people eating absurd amounts of McDonalds, they still are for loads of money.

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Last Longers

If you’ve ever played tournament poker before, there’s a decent chance you’ve made one of these bets or at least heard about people making these bets. This is a prop bet where two or more players put up money to see who lasts longer in the tournament. The last player standing after every other player in the bet is knocked out is the winner.

Last longers bets have nothing to do with whether or not you make the money in the tournament. If you have a last longer with one other player and they get knocked out first, and you get knocked out second, you still win the bet. The interesting part about big last longers is they can sometimes affect how someone plays certain hands. Imagine if you have a $10k last longer bet and you have a decision on the bubble of the tournament. If cashing in the tournament is only like $1k, you are probably going to opt to take the more passive route to try and win the last longer if your “opponent” in the bet is short stacked.


Personally, I don’t touch last longer bets for this reason. I don’t want there to be anything that might affect me making a decision that will affect whether or not I win the tournament. I would hate having to fold in a spot where I could potentially set myself up to win a tournament just to try and lock up a last longer bet.

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Bracelet Bets

These bets are usually the biggest money bets of the summer, and they usually involve the big names and any young hotshot that’s crushing the game. Bracelet bets come in all shapes and sizes, but the formula is always the same. Can X player win X amount of bracelets or not? You probably think any bet like this is insane for the person betting to win the X amount of bracelets, but surprisingly it is possible. You have to remember that the WSOP has a ton of higher buy-in events that only get a couple hundred players. High stakes players have a strong chance to win a bracelet or multiple bracelets if they’re playing these smaller field tournaments.

Fantasy Draft Bets

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These bets might not be classified as prop bets, but I still think they’re fitting to be mentioned here. Every year there is a $25k buy-in Fantasy Poker Player Draft that is held amongst anyone with the cash and desire to buy-in. The premise is simple. Players that are playing in the WSOP are drafted and put onto teams much like they would be in a season long fantasy football draft. Players receive points based on how well their picks do in the WSOP. The player with the most points at the end of the WSOP is the winner.

How to Get Involved in WSOP Prop Bets

Getting involved in WSOP prop bets is as simple as finding a friend to bet with. There aren’t really any official channels to get involved with prop bets. The only bets that you’re going to find at an established location are going to probably be on who is going to win the final table of the main event. These probably won’t be available this year, though, because those betting lines were set when they were still using the November Nine set up.

If you’re interested in the $25k draft, you’ll have to either know someone in the poker world that can connect you or you’ll have to seek out the person that is arranging it. For every other prop bet, that’s up to you and anyone willing to take your action. Just remember, though, if you do choose to make a bet this way that there are a lot of added risks that you’ll run into. There are A LOT of stories about WSOP prop bets that were won and not paid. Buyer beware especially if it’s for a lot of money.

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