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If you have ever been on an online poker site and you have ever spent a reasonable amount of time on there, it is probably fair to say that you have spent the most part of your time on there in the Sit & Go rooms, since these certainly seem to be the most popular type of rooms involved in online Texas Holdem poker.

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The reason that most people like to go and play in Sit & Go rooms is the fact that they do not usually last too long, with most of them never usually going too far beyond the one hour mark, although it obviously does vary a little bit depending on the players involved and the speed of the increases in the blinds.

The Sit & Go game requires the players to all pay a set buy-in and will have a set amount of people who will be involved, and once that amount has been reached the game will begin. The blinds will start of low and will then increase at a set rate depending on the speed of the Sit & Go you have entered. 888 poker support email.

Once you have lost all of your chips in a Sit & Go game, you are out and there is no option to rebuy chips and no way of getting back in the game. The winner of a game of Sit & Go is the one player who is left at the end and is holding all of the chips in the game, although there are usually cash prizes for other placed players, usually the Top 3 in a one table Sit & Go game.

In case of Sit & Go, the game starts only when the required number of players are available or else, you cannot play, the total number of players determine the time it will take to finish the game. The winner is the last man standing. It really is a great way to play Texas Holdem Poker online.

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Poker tournaments are something that boost the excitement in poker players. There are many poker game formats that are hosted in both high roller and low stakes tables. At Poker India , we cover all important online poker tournaments that are hosted in the poker websites. You can browse through all the major promotion tourneys that are running in the major poker websites. We give you a comprehensive review on all the current tournaments and events that are trending.

There are special cash poker tournaments and freeroll poker tourneys that hosted in different websites. The timely update from Poker India will make sure that you will not miss any of the special or most awaited poker tournaments. Some of the major Poker tournaments types are listed below:

Rebuy Poker Tournaments: in this type tournament, you can ‘buy’ additional chips once you run out of chips. This is a very stimulating tournament in which you can continue playing the game if you lose all your chips within the first two hours.

Elimination Poker Tournaments: In this type of tournament, the game starts by distributing equal number of chips for every player. These types of tournaments are also called ‘Freezeouts’ in which you are eliminated if you run out of chips. You will be playing in multiple tables and you can win if you are able to win the chips from all other players.

Poker Freerolls India Coins

Shootout Poker Tournaments: This type of tournament shares similar rules to that of the elimination poker tournaments. There can be only one winner in the shootout poker tournaments. The elimination or shootout continues until there are players fit for the final table.

Poker Freerolls India Champions

Satellite Poker Tournaments: Apart from these tournaments there is another kind of tournament known as satellite tournaments. You need to win the satellite tournament to quality for the major poker tournament. Satellite tournaments are usually hosted in special events where there are many

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