Poker Beginners

The most popular rules of poker for beginners and veterans to learn. Includes basic poker rules on what beats what, straights, flushes, ties, and all-ins. Poker chips or substitute (optional) Basic Poker rules. Learning to how to play basic poker is not nearly as hard as many people imagine. There are generally two types: Stud Poker and Draw Poker. The rules for these games are almost identical and both are presented here. In Stud Poker, each player is dealt five cards (or seven for some games).

Poker Beginners

Best Poker Books. Get the inside scoop on the poker books for beginners you cannot afford to miss with hidden gems and some of the best books ever written on the game of texas holdem. Poker basics: beginners guide to poker Learn the basics of poker and you’ll be ready to hit the tables straight away. Pick up the lingo, get tips on what to look out for and find out what to do with your hand – then try it all out.

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Poker Beginner

5 Learn Your Way Around The Screen

OK, so you've set up an account, you've chosen an alias, and you've picked a friendly $0.05/$0.10 cash game to sit down at. Now you need to get your bearings at the table.

There can be so much going on at an online game you can sometimes lose your way when all you want to do is play.

Poker Beginners

Most sites have different software to one another but essentially the layout is the same: a chatbox in the bottom corner to follow the action and talk to other players, links to the Cashier and Hand History at the top, and a betting adjuster in the bottom-right corner.

Have a play with where everything is before you've even started a hand (you can always select the 'Sit Out' option to remove yourself from the game temporarily) and make sure you're familiar with all the jargon.

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The Hand History tab can be helpful if you want to review past hands or see a hand an opponent mucked at showdown. If you hover the cursor over your opponents' screen names you will also find information on where the player is from and their stack size.