Philippe Vert Poker

Philippe Vert Poker, scatter slots chinese, poker online hkb, nerd poker reddit. Philippe Vert's Poker Career Philippe Vert is a strong poker player from Marseille, France.He earned more than USD 201,213.00 in his carreer with poker live events alone. Cash Games not coun.

Hand #6: Martin Hanowski limped and Sandeep Pulusani raised to 85,000. Hanowski made the call and checked the flop and Pulusani bet 80,000. Hanowski folded and Pulusani wins.


Hand #7: Nam Le raised to 52,000 and Phillippe Vert reraised to 132,000 and Le folded.

Hand #8: Michael Rocco raised to 55,000 and Niall Farrell moved all in from the cutoff. Rocco folded and Farrell survived.

Hand #9: Rocco raised to 55,000 and Pulusani made the call. Farrell moved all in from the hijack seat and Rocco and Pulusani both fold.

Philippe Vert Poker Party

Hand #10:Ellis island casino beer garden. Farrell moved all in for 507,000 and it folded around.