Peekaboo Slot Canyon Trail

Directions to Zion National Park
From Salt Lake City: Travel I-15 south, past Beaver.Exit on Hwy 20. Follow US-89 to Mount Carmel Junction. Take U-9 to Zion's eastentrance.
From Arizona: Travel 89A through Fredonia, Arizonaand Kanab Utah. Follow US-89 to to Mount Carmel Junction. Take U-9 to the eastpark entrance.
From Las Vegas: Travel I-15 north. Take exit 16 andtravel through Hurricane. Make a right on U-9 at the second traffic light inLaVerkin. Continue on U-9 to the south entrance of the park. U-9 through ZionNational Park is always open and is also called the Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway.

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  1. Peek A Boo Slot Canyon Trailhead
  2. Peek A Boo Slot Canyon Trailhead
  3. Peek A Boo Slot Canyon Trailer Park
  4. Peek A Boo Slot Canyon Trail Map

The trail to the Dry Fork Slots (officially, Dry Fork Slot, Peek-a-Boo Slot, Spooky Slot, and Brimstone Slot) begins next to the trail register. Follow the cairned trail as it winds its way through sand around some bushes, zigzags across the slick rock, and finally leads you down a sandy ravine to the bottom of a large wash. Red Canyon, or as locals call it: Peek-a-boo, does not require any hiking to get to, but instead is an adventure that has the thrill of 4-wheeling on deep sand through a desert landscape of junipers, pinions, yuccas and cacti. The Peek-A-Boo Loop Trail begins at Bryce Point and drops quickly to the canyon floor. This hike is listed as a strenuous hike due to the rapid elevation change and the length. Hikers will encounter horse/mule riders on this trail. Peek-A-Boo is a slot and corkscrew, and Spooky Gulch is a narrow slot canyon. It is worth noting, due to the restrictive nature of the some of the spaces in Spooky, this canyon is better suited for smaller body types. Adding to the cool factor of this destination is that it’s a loop — which is rare for these parts.

Peekaboo Trail is located 17 miles from Glendale traveling mainly on sand through a desert landscape of junipers, pinyons, yuccas and cacti. This trail system ties into nearby Hog Canyon and Johnson Canyon. Red Canyon or as it is called by the locals PeekaBoo is a slot canyon that is usually dry and only.35 miles long and well worth the visit.

Peek A Boo Slot Canyon Trailhead

BooSlotPeek-a-Boo slot canyon.

GPS Coordinates
WGS84 Datum

Peek A Boo Slot Canyon Trailhead

Turn Off of Highway 89
onto Best Friends Paved Road
37°08.698 N
112°34.078 W

Turn onto K2605 (4WD)
37°08.710 N
112°33.885 W

Peek A Boo Slot Canyon Trailer Park

First 'Y' in road
37°09.522 N
112°33.597 W

Enter Red Canyon Wash
37°10.643 N
112°32.827 W

37°10.772 N
112°33.553 W

Beta: Coordinates and other trail and canyoneering informationby Zion Park search and rescue veteran team member BoBeck and author Tanya Milligan.

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Peek A Boo Slot Canyon Trail Map

SuggestedGear: A sturdy pair of shoes are recommend to hike the trails in Zion NationalPark. Many quality shoes will help grip the rocks and prevent injury. ExperiencedZion hikers and canyoneers like the La Sportiva Exum Ridge. This shoe is greatfor hiking, bouldering and canyoneering.

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