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Today marks not only the busiest day on the 2014 Borgata Poker Open schedule, but quite possibly the most interesting to follow. Clearly, the headlining act of the day is the Event 10 ($350 + 50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em Re-Entry $1,000,000 Guranteed) final table, which will begin at 3:00pm (and be live streamed). The opinion on the Event 1 live stream was unanimous, as players, family, and friends alike all agreed it was a great production. The final table is once again an interesting mixture of professional tournament grinders and players looking to make their name in the poker community potentially grabbing a career highlighting score). Dan Dizenzo (Sussex, NJ) comes into Day 3 as the chip leader by a slim margin (10,520,000), reaching his second live streamed table this year. Dan made the final table of Event #4 ($1,000 No Limit Hold’em) during this year’s WSOP, so he may be getting used to the bright lights and large stage. Here is a quick look at the lineup for the Event 10 final table, including chip counts: Dan Dizenzo (10,520,000), Jon Botlier (9,530,000), Frank Panetta (9,260,000), Dave Fox (8,770,000), Menan Saydam (6,160,000), Sergio Vigano (5,830,000), Esther Taylor (5,010,000), Tim Ha (4,145,000), and William Sanders (3,465,000).

Also returning for action today at 12:00pm are the “Elite Eight” from the Event 13 ($1,500 Heads Up 64-Max), as the bracket gets played down to a champion. The field was easily one of the toughest we have seen this series, and those who reached Day 2 and the money definitely earned every bit of the cash. The final four matchup to start the day are: Seth Berger v. George Cicak, Travis Greenwalt v. Nick Guagenti, Khalid Ayadi v. Cathy Dever Joe McKeehen v. Alfred Zaccagnino. All 8 players are guaranteed at least $4,656. Players who lose in the semifinals will earn $9,312. 2nd place takes home $18,624 and the champion wins $37,248.

The schedule today is jam packed with some of our most popular events, including a “little” addition to the Event 14 ($300 + 40 Seniors 50+ NLH Re-Entry). This series’ senior event is the inaugural Mike Sica Memorial Seniors, with $10 of the buy-in from each entry going towards a donation to the American Cancer Society. It’s a great dedication to one of the greatest souls you could of ever met in the poker world…Mike “Little Man” Sica. Event 14 will begin the day at 11:00am, followed by a return of the ever so popular six-max format. This buy-in is kicked up a little bit for this go around, as the $1,000 + 90 Six Max No Limit Hold’em event carries with it a $200,000 guarantee. At 3:00pm, not to be overshadowed by the beginning of the live stream, is Event 16 ($450 + 50 H.O.R.S.E.). This mixed event with five different games is a favorite of those who like other poker variations, and should attract many big notables to it’s field.

Here is the schedule for all of today’s play:

11:00am: Event 14 $300 + 40 + 10 Inaugural Mike Sica Memorial Seniors (50+) NLH Re-Entry

12:00pm: Event 15 (Day 1) $1,000 + 90 Six Max No Limit Hold’em Re-Entry ($200,000 Guaranteed)

12:00pm: Event 13 (Day 2) $1,500 + 150 Heads Up (64 Max)

3:00pm: Event 10 (Day 3) $350 + 50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em Re-Entry ($1,000,000 Guaranteed) ***Live Streamed***

3:00pm: Event 16 (Day 1) $450 + 50 H.O.R.S.E

7:00pm: Event 38 (Qualifier) $350 + 50 WPT Qualifier (~1 in 10)

Level 34 (Blinds 120,000/240,000/30,000)
Total Entries: 2,784
Players Remaining: 10
Chip Average: 6,960,000 (29.0 big blinds)

Jon Botier

The following 10 players have advanced to the final (live-streamed!!!) table of Event 10 with these chip stacks:

Dan Dizenzo – 10,520,000
Jon Botier – 9,530,000
Frank Panetta – 9,260,000
Dave Fox – 8,770,000
D.J. MacKinnon – 7,000,000
Menan Saydam – 6,160,000
Sergio Vigano – 5,830,000
Esther Taylor – 5,010,000
Tim Ha – 4,145,000
William Sanders – 3,465,000

Play at the final table will begin at 3pm tomorrow (Friday) at the featured table in the Borgata Event Center.

Unlike Event 1 in which Aaron Massey entered the final table with a commanding chip lead, the chip leader at this final table just barely has 3 times as many chips as the player currently in 10th place. If there’s a favorite in this field, it’s not because of the amount of chips he (or she) is currently holding.

As soon as the table draw is available, it will be posted here.

The following players have cashed in Event 10 of the 2014 Borgata Poker Open for $6,553:

13. Michael DiMaiuta
14. Matt Lombardi
15. Matt Stout

The following players have cashed in Event 10 of the 2014 Borgata Poker Open for $4,999:

16. Jack Kashishian
17. Randy Page
18. Sergio Loureiro

The following players have cashed in Event 10 of the 2014 Borgata Poker Open for $4,077

19. Moshe Bernstein
20. Andrew Spears
21. Will Failla
22. Shane Delaney
23. Amza Sulejman
24. Greg Joslyn
25. Peter Hong
26. Keon Sample
27. Steve Louie

The following players have cashed in Event 10 of the 2014 Borgata Poker Open for $3,446:

28. Patricia Cahill
29. Jeremy Perez
30. Asher Conniff
31. Joseph Ferrigno
32. Jia Liu
33. Mark Weber
34. Steven Rodriguez
35. Brian Rotter
36. Eric Doerr

Level 34 (Blinds 120,000/240,000/30,000)
Total Entries: 2,784
Players Remaining: 10
Chip Average: 6,960,000 (29.0 big blinds)

Moments after Lyle Diamond was eliminated in 12th place, Dan Dizenzo was in serious danger of joining him at the cage.

But in a span of 2 hands against Scott Blumstein, Dizenzo went from near elimination to chip leader.

On both hands, players shoved all-in pre-flop. Slot nigeria gionee a1.

Hand #1:

Dizenzo: {Ah}{6c} Blumstein: {Ac}{9d}

Board: {Jc}{6d}{5d} / {Kd} / {Kc}

Dizenzo’s 6 came in the window and his two pair were good enough to win the hand.

Hand #2:

Dizenzo: {9d}{9s} Blumstein: {Ac}{6s}

Board: {Kd}{Qd}{10s} / {6d} / {7c}

The magic hand finally makes an appearance! Pocket nines have been golden at the 2014 Borgata Poker Open, but they were nowhere to be seen today until the most important hand of the night. The nines held up, as Blumstein was unable to find an ace.

He goes home in 11th place with $9,708

Level 33 (Blinds 100,000/200,000/30,000)
Total Entries: 2,784
Players Remaining: 11
Chip Average: 6,330,000 (31.6 big blinds)

Lyle Diamond was the shortest stack when players converged on the final two tables, but he survived long enough for two ladder jumps, nearly doubling his payday.

On the hand that finally did him in, Diamond got it all-in pre-flop with {Qd}{Jd} and was called by Sergio Vigano with {Ad}{Jc}.

Flop: {8h}{6h}{2d}
Turn: {Js}
River: {10d}

Both players made a pair on the turn, but Diamond would have needed to pair his queen to live to see another day.

He goes home in 12th place with $9,708, and players are now just one elimination away from tomorrow’s final table.

Level 33 (Blinds 100,000/200,000/30,000)
Total Entries: 2,794
Players Remaining: 13
Chip Average: 5,400,000 (26.8 big blinds)


With the board showing {10d}{9c}{7d} / {Jh}, Jon Botlier checked from the small blind, allowing Esther Taylor to bet 560,000 in the big blind and Mike DiMaiuta to call from the button before he pushed all-in over the top.

Taylor elected to fold fairly quickly, but DiMaiuta struggled for a while over whether this was where he wanted to make his stand with his final 1.4 million chips.

He folded, and Botlier eclipsed 10,000,000 by raking in a pot worth close to 3,000,000.

One hand later, DiMaiuta was all-in with {7c}{7s} against the {Ah}{Jd} of William Sanders.

The board ran out {Kh}{10s}{9h} / {Ks} / {Jh}, giving Sanders the win on the river.

Two more knockouts until the final table is set.

Patricia Cahill Poker Game

Level 33 (Blinds 100,000/200,000/30,000)
Total Entries: 2,794
Players Remaining: 13
Chip Average: 5,400,000 (26.8 big blinds)

With blinds and antes going up in Level 33, the ante is now more than the original starting stack.

Patricia Cahill Poker Rules

Here are the chip counts with 13 players remaining:

Patricia Cahill Poker Player

Frank Panetta – 9,200,000
Jon Botlier – 7,800,000
D.J. McKinnon – 6,500,000
Dave Fox – 6,500,000
Menan Saydam – 6,100,000
Esther Taylor – 5,400,000
Scott Blumstein – 5,200,000
Sergio Vigano – 5,000,000
Tim Ha – 4,800,000
Dan Dizenzo – 4,200,000
William Sanders – 3,600,000
Lyle Diamond – 2,400,000
Mike DiMaiuta – 1,500,000