Paper Doll Ammo Slot

The paper doll (also called the character sheet) is the default display shown in the character info frame. It shows what the player's character looks like and the various itemslots that can be equipped (held or worn) by the character.

Then choose a slot that has a title then press load, from there exit VAS and load the character customizer again. Saving your loadouts: To Save your loadouts you will need to access VAS by pressing escape on your keyboard, then press save, choose an empty slot, give it a name then press save.

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  • The paper doll (also called the character sheet) is the default display shown in the character info frame. It shows what the player's character looks like and the various item slots that can be equipped (held or worn) by the character. The terms 'paper doll' and ' character sheet ' both come from pen-and-paper RPGs.
  • The paper doll slot is the slot beside your gun in the character window. Hit C to see your character window, and then hit Shift-B to open all your bags. Drag the ammo from your bag to the small box beside the gun in the Character window.

The terms 'paper doll' and 'character sheet' both come from pen-and-paper RPGs.

Tabs at the bottom of the character info frame provide easy access to other facets of a character, such as its reputation with various factions and any currencies it may possess. In addition, pet classes (hunters and warlocks) have access to the pets tab, which is their combat pet's paper doll.

  • 1Paper doll sections

Paper doll sections

The paper doll displays various information about your character, including:

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  • Character's class icon (upper left corner) and model (upper insert).
  • Character's name, level, talent specification, class, and guild
  • The character's equipment is spread around the character's model insert. Hovering over the item icons allows you to view the items' stats.

If expanded, the right-side panel swaps between the character's attributes, titles (of which one may be chosen for display), or the Equipment Manager.

Character Stats

The Character Stats tab lists the following character attributes:

General statistics
Health, resources (rage, energy, mana, focus, runic power), average item level, movement speed
Strength, agility, intellect, stamina
Critical strike, haste, mastery, spirit, bonus armor, multistrike, leech, versatility, avoidance
Damage, attack power, attack speed, class-specific resource regeneration (some classes only, e.g. focus regeneration for hunters)
Spell stats
Spell power, mana regeneration
Defense stats
Armor, dodge, parry, block
Paper doll ammo slot in wow


Main article: Title

The Titles tab is a very simple list allowing you to select a title for your character.

Equipment Manager

Main article: Equipment Manager

The Equipment Manager allows the player to create, alter and equip preset collections of gear.


  • Paper doll, Battle for Azeroth

  • Title panel, Battle for Azeroth

  • Equipment panel, Battle for Azeroth

  • Title panel, Legion.

  • Equipment panel, Legion.

  • Choosing a title, pre-Legion

  • Selecting a gear set, pre-Legion

  • From Patch 5.0 to 6.0.

  • From Patch 4.0 to 5.0. Patch 5.0 removed the ranged slot and resistance info

  • Before 4.0

Paper Doll Ammo Slot Wow

Patch changes

  • Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): The character sheet has been trimmed down, though fully verbose stats are still available via the API.
  • Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14):
    • The paper doll has been adjusted to reflect the removal and addition of various stats.
    • PvP Power and PvP Resilience have also been removed.

See also

  • Character info frame

Always accessible
  • Micro Menu
    • Character info
      • Paper doll
        • Character Stats
    • Spellbook & Abilities
    • Specialization & Talents
      • Talents
    • Achievements
    • Map & Quest Log
    • Guild & Communities
      • Guild
    • Group Finder
      • Player vs. Player
    • Collections
    • Game Menu
      • Help
  • Minimap
  • Socials
    • Friends / Ignore list
  • Portrait
  • Auction House
  • Bank
  • Warboard
  • Headhunter
    • Lysa Serion
    • Akanja
  • A New Direction
  • Fel Secrets
  • Heart Forge
  • Scrappers
    • Scrap-O-Matic 1000
    • Shred-Master Mk1
    • Jani's Junkpile
  • War Campaign
    • Kul Tiras Campaign
    • Zandalar Campaign
  • Warfront
  • Covenant
  • Character
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Paper Doll Ammo Slot In Wow

Never again. You’ll never see the dreaded “Ammo needs to be in the paper doll ammo slot before it can be fired” message again when Cataclysm comes out.
I have to say I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I welcome the fact that we will no longer be caught off-guard, either in an instance or while questing. It has happened to even the best hunter out there. Of course that it can get serious if happens in an instance and some people even state that it’s one of the ways of finding out if someone is a hunter or a huntard. I usually take extra caution when I know I’m going to do an instance and it’s like the very first 3 items I confirm on my mental checklist. Ammo, ammo, ammo, water… And that’s pretty much it. Running out of ammo is bad. And it’s the only “bad” point.

Wow Paper Doll Ammo Slot

On the other hand there are a few small things that we will lose with the removal of ammo.
First of all I liked the fact that we use ammo and the fact that we use different ammo for bows/crossbows and guns. RPGs are a lot about building your character (your in-game character, not your actual character) and getting ammo for your weapon added to it. Going to the ammo vendor, or getting ammo from an engineer. Sometimes even getting it made for me gave me the feeling of developing my hunter, improving it. Even more when I got my ammo from the said engineer. I was doing stuff for my character.
Now, the other thing that I will miss is the special ammo. The fact that there are special, crafted ammo (the one that engineers do) that increased my damage. You can use the regular vendor ammo or get some special one from the AH or from an engineer. You got some small extra boost that helped your damage. Not much, but enough that, added shot after shot, added up to some thousands of points of damage on the long run. And it feels good.
I wish that Blizzard could come up with some sort of commitment here. Ok drop the actual bullet-count (or arrow count) but it would be nice to still have the ammo slot and just add some sort of artifact that increases damage done by bullets. Kind like a trinket, but for the ammo. Make some regular ones sold by vendors and then some really cool ones dropped by mobs in instances and crafted by engineers. Therefore you’d remove the infamous “no ammo” messages and still have the nice, warm, fuzzy feeling of fine-tuning your hunter.