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This room is the size of a restroom next to the casino with six tables and a small reception desk. The tables I was at were in good shape but two of the chairs I had were tlited to the side. The piped in music is very loud and modern. It is the least enjoyable room of the 30 or so I have played in. Pearl slot machine. The only reason to play here again to me would be if I happened to live very close by and didn't want to drive to any of the other Vegas poker rooms.

The players at 1-2 NL knew what they were doing but nobody seemed to have superior skill.

Several of the dealers I had in 3 hours of play too often didn't follow the action closely. They were too busy listening to and cotributing to players' conversations.

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  • The Palms Casino Resort is located off the Strip, conveniently across the street from the Rio. Also convenient: The 1,200-room resort recently instituted a 24-hour checkout for all guests.

Satisfactory quickness and courtesy.

Palms Casino Poker Room Atlantic City

When I was at the top of the wait list a seat stayed empty for ten or so minutes. When a second seat also opened at that table personnel filled both at the same time and actually called somebody else before me.

I didn't plan on playing enough here to worry about comps. I didn't inquire about jackpots.

Palms Casino Poker Room

Part of Palms Casino Resort The Palms offer 10 tables in two poker rooms, one low stakes, one higher stakes. There are 5 flat screen TVs and new chairs and felt on the tables. Both rooms get good traffic and the weekend wait times can be an hour or more.