Online Casino Free Spins Bonus

What is a free spins casino bonus?

A free spins bonus is the opportunity to spin an online slot machine with no deposit required. Any winnings you manage to earn during your free spins round are yours to keep. Needless to say, most players are more than happy to take advantage of free spin bonus offers. Best No Deposit Casino Bonus Codes & Offers December 2020 - Find the top casino no deposit bonus & free spin offers! Play FREE + win real money.

A free spins bonus is the opportunity to spin an online slot machine with no deposit required. Any winnings you manage to earn during your free spins round are yours to keep.

Needless to say, most players are more than happy to take advantage of free spin bonus offers. Even the most seasoned gamblers can’t argue with taking a free shot at some extra cash or prizes.

However, free spin online casino bonuses are most often offered to new customers as a method to get them to give the casino a try. The casino is willing to take the chance at some short-term losses if it can break the ice and acquire a new player in the process.

Online casinos are savvy, though. Most free spin casino bonuses limit the bet amount associated with the free spins to a smaller denomination. They also render some machines ineligible for redeeming a free spin bonus. Usually, if there’s a progressive jackpot or some other potential for a massive payout, the casino will limit its exposure to customers who have paid for the opportunity.

How do free spin bonuses work?

If you know that you’ve been awarded a free spin no deposit bonus, you may be wondering what you need to do in order to trigger them. The good news is that most of the time, there is little effort required on your part.

In fact, many free spin bonuses will automatically trigger when you log into the site. The online casino will whisk you to the designated machine for the free spin bonus and will begin spinning your reels automatically. You just have to sit back and watch the winnings roll into your account.

Occasionally, you may have a choice of games when it comes to redeeming a free spin bonus. In that case, you’ll just have to open the game you want to play, and the site will display your free spins remaining in the area where the bet size usually is.

However, you should take care to be sure that somewhere on the game it mentions that you are using your free spins. If you happen to have selected an ineligible game for the bonus, the last thing to do would be to burn through your account money and have no idea you were doing so.

In terms of the bet size, you can count on casinos reducing their exposure as much as they can. So, it is likely that any free spins you receive will be valid for the minimum bet size only, and no more.

One of the most popular casino bonuses

… comes in the form of free spins. The benefit of getting something free of charge from the operators that normally sustain themselves on player deposits is a welcomed concept. Nevertheless, players are much more clever than just to think that they would be given free play on the top slot titles without investing something in return.

Free spins bonuses much like any other online casino offer, come with specific terms of use. These determine the qualifying players that can claim the offer, what kinds of benefits it entails, as well as the specific profits you can get from it.

In this line of thought, it is most advisable to learn more about the features of the bonus, its common types and the top strategies to make the most out of it before actually claiming it from your chosen casino platform.

What is a Free Spins Bonus?

This bonus comes in the form of a set number of free spins that can be used on the slots titles available in the casino game library. Depending on the bonus terms and conditions, players may be free to choose from a wide variety of titles or could be limited to a few select ones. In the case of the latter, it is most likely that operators are using the free spins bonus as a tool to promote their new releases, or simply put existing games in the spotlight.

This offer has all the standard bonus features – terms and conditions, timeframes in terms of claiming or use, potential deposit or withdrawal limits, bet amounts and ultimately wagering requirements. In this regard, the bonus type has been featured in several different forms, as illustrated below.

Free Spins Bonuses



10 Free Spins

WR: 99xB

BitStarz Casino


20 Free Spins

WR: 40xB



Casino philippines online. 20 Free Spins

WR: 30xB



12 Free Spins

WR: 30xB

Vegas Crest Casino


10 Free Spins

WR: 99xB

BondiBet Casino


25 Free Spins

WR: 20xB

House Of Pokies


10 Free Spins

WR: 50xB

Types of Free Spins

In-game free spins

Online Casino Free Spins Bonus Games

In order to avoid confusion, let’s start off with the free spins found in specific games.

These are…

… not the typical bonus offered by the casino operator, but rather function as a feature of the game. They have been included in the gameplay by the software developing company, and can be triggered, or even re-triggered based on the specific rules of the game.

While they are not a typical bonus alike the one’s casino sites are known to offer, it can still turn out to be a valuable boost to the player’s bankroll. It’s best to be aware of the potential, and look for games that let you use the most of the feature.

No Deposit Free Spins

As for regular free spins bonuses

awarded by the casino operator, No Deposit Free Spins is one common example. The name alone tells players that they will not have to deposit any of their hard-earned cash in order to claim the offer.


Most frequently, these free spins are eligible for newly registered players looking for the best way to explore the gameplay offering without going through a great portion of their bankroll.

The mainterms

… that tag along this type of offer include being a novice player that has just completed signup and has yet to choose a currency and banking method for depositing; moreover, these No Deposit Free Spins may ask players to claim the bonus in a given timeframe, or go through the free spins for a set period of time before they expire. Online casinos are also known to limit players with the time they have to redeem the bonus and to withdraw any winnings from it, or the actual reward they can get from it (from cash to entry fees).

Deposit Free Spins Bonus

Aside from a separate…

free spins bonus, this online casino benefit can also come attached to some deposit-related bonus offers. This is particularly common for Welcome Bonuses, awarding players with a match on their initial deposit amount. On occasion, they can be eligible for more than just the first deposit, but are still generally considered as a means of player acquisition and retention.

Even though

Online Casino Free Spins Bonus No Deposit

… Deposit Free Spins bonuses match the players’ deposit amounts, online casinos still considered them among the cheapest acquisition and retentiontools. This is achieved through the bonus terms and conditions which normally ask for players to abide by specific requirements.

The playthrough requirements normally ask of players to deposit a certain number of times the amount of the bonus in order to redeem any winnings they would like to withdraw. For the free spins specifically, a withdrawal cap that limits players cashable winnings is a common requirement.

Usa Online Casino Free Spins Bonus Codes


Online Casino Free Spins Bonus Code Big Dollar Casino

How to Make the Most of Your Free Spins Bonuses?

Notably so, all bonus offers come with a range of terms and conditions, but considering that free spins are among players’ top choices, it is useful to address the best strategies to maximize winnings.

Online Casino No Deposit Bonus Free Spins Australia 2019

  • Understand the terms – Although it depends on the bonus you have chosen to boost your gameplay, all offers have some terms and conditions attached to them. If you are looking to make something out of your free spins, consider these requirements closely – playthrough requirements, eligible games, contribution percentage of each game, withdrawal cap and maximum bet amount. All these, and some additional specifics need to meet your player needs primarily, in order to enjoy a pleasant player experience.
  • Practice bankroll management – Even though these offers benefit your bankroll, directly or indirectly, consider some effective bankroll management strategies. Find one that works well with your gambling habits, the size of your bankroll, and the games and bonuses you normally choose.
  • Play for fun – A top way to make the most of your online casino bonus, and the overall player experience, is to enjoy it. Always choose the option that works for you and your gambling preferences, even if it doesn’t pay off as much in cash. A fun experience is a gratifying one, even when you aren’t winning big.