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  1. The quick slot is used for food, potions, siege weapons and cyroiil repair kits. Weapon swap is different, you get a second ability bar at level 15. When you are level 15 go into the menu to edit your ability bar, and there will be a key to weapon swap, which is where you would add you second weapon and abilities. On PS4 I believe it is triangle.
  2. Johnny B Goode will show you how to open the inventory in the video game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Instead of being assigned a weighted value, equipment and other inventory items are sized accordingly. For instance, a broad sword might be three grid slots high and one wide whereas a short battle ax would be two high and two wide. Other, non-rectangular item compositions have led gaming fans to liken the system to playing a game of Tetris. You give several enchantment slots for a rather mediocre effect. Some other things to consider: -Weakness stacking enchanted melee weapons, this allows you to use weaker spells with better effects.

Slots for equipped items

The inventory system in Elder Scrolls Online is slot-based. Each character starts with 60 slots, which can be increased to 200 through pack upgrades and riding skill. Additional storage space is available at banks, where account-wide and guild-wide inventories can be accessed. The maximum inventory slots can be increased by 5 to 210 by purchasing the Bristleneck War Boar and Mournhold Packratpets from the Crown Store.

Unlike in the single-player TES games, encumbrance is not a factor; each item takes up a single space, and it is not possible to become overencumbered. Instead, you will be unable to pick up any more items. Note that most quests reward an item, so you will need to have at least one free slot when turning in a quest, otherwise you will be unable to complete it. Certain items in the inventory can be stacked, while others can't. For example, crafting materials can be combined into stacks of 200, while siege equipment takes up a full slot per item. Items which are required for quests do not take up inventory space, and are stored under the Quest Items tab. Certain items, such as pets and costumes, are separate from the inventory and are stored in the account-wide Collections screen. Books that have been read are not picked up; instead, their text is listed in the Lore Library section of the Journal.

By default, the inventory can be accessed on PC/Mac with hotkey 'I' or 'B'. It can be used to view information on items (stats, quality, stolen), change equipment, use consumables, or change your Quick Slots. The Quick Slots are primarily used for potions, food and drink, siege equipment and some trophies, and can provide quick access to eight different items. By default, the Quick Slots menu can then be accessed by holding 'Q' (PC/Mac), and can be used to quickly activate items in combat.

Once an item is equipped, it frees an inventory slot, while its enchantment and trait and set bonuses, if any, become active. Equipped items are shown in the 'Equipped' part of the inventory screen. Hovering over an item provides all the information about its type, stats, enchantment and its charge, set bonuses and the amount of wear it suffered. Together with seven apparel pieces, a maximum of four accessories can be equipped: one necklace, two rings and a disguise. Two weapon slots can be used for either two one handed weapons, one handed weapon and a shield or for one two handed weapon. Poisons can be slotted next to individual weapons and will be automatically applied. Weapon swap becomes available at level 15.

A separate tab exists in the inventory for Currency, although the amount will usually be displayed elsewhere on the UI when relevant.


Some items can become bound to your character or your account, such that they may not be traded. There are several types of binding:

  • Character Bound - Items with this tag are bound to the current player character and cannot be traded with other players or placed in your bank or storage.
  • Bound - Items with this tag are bound to your account and cannot be traded with other players. However, you can place them in your bank or storage and transfer them to other characters on your account.
  • Bind on Equip - These items can be freely traded until you equip them, at which point they become bound to your account. Notably, most Set Items are Bind on Equip, including those you craft yourself. The only ones that aren't will be Bind on Pickup instead - used Set Items can never be traded.
  • Bind on Pickup - These items are Bound to your account as soon as you acquire them. The one exception to this is that items found in Group Dungeons and Trials can be traded with other members of your group (even after the group splits up) for two hours after acquiring them. These will be marked with a icon. After the delay expires, they become fully bound.
  • Backpack Bind on Pickup - These items are bound to the specific character that found them, and will become Character Bound as soon as you acquire them.
  • Quest Items - These items are specific to a certain quest and cannot be traded. However, they do not take up any inventory space. If you abandon the associated quest, the item will be removed automatically.
  • Collectibles - These items are bound to your account, but do not take up any inventory space. They do not even show up in the standard inventory screen but rather in the Collectibles screen. You can only acquire each of these items once and you can never lose them. They are available to all characters on your account but can not be traded. Some collectibles are found in Runeboxes, which can be freely traded, but once opened, the item becomes permanently bound to your account. If you receive a Runebox for a Collectible you already have, you will not be able to open it, so you should trade it to another player or sell it.

Craft Bags[edit]

ESO Plus subscribers have access to a separate, account-wide inventory for storing Crafting Materials. Craft Bags have a technical limit of 4.3 billion for each type of item, meaning that in all practicality the bag can hold infinite materials. Tabs allow the bag's contents to be sorted according to specific crafting skills, with separate tabs for trait and style materials. Bait can also be stored in Craft Bags, and is categorized into the Provisioning tab. All furnishing materials are stored in the Craft Bag, including special materials like Dwarven Construct Repair Parts. Should your ESO Plus subscription lapse, the items within will remain accessible but no new items can be deposited in the bag.

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Oblivion Equipment Slots Games

Bulletproof VestEquip: Body ArmorCommon✔️20% Damage Reduction
Bullpup RifleEquip: Bullpup RifleRare✔️
Bullpup Rifle mk2Equip: Bullpup Rifle mk2Rare✔️
Carbine RifleEquip: Carbine RifleRare✔️
Desert EagleEquip: Pistol 50Rare✔️
Double Barrel ShotgunEquip:Common✔️
Encrypted RadioEquip: RadioRare✔️Allows you to use an encrypted radio frequency
FIB Body ArmorEquip: Body ArmorEpic✔️25% Damage Reduction
KalashnikovEquip: Assault RifleRare✔️
Kincaid’s Murica VestEquip: Body ArmorArtifact〰️30% Damage Reduction
Kevlar VestEquip: Body ArmorUncommon✔️10% Damage Reduction
Makeshit ArmorEquip: Body ArmorCommon✔️5% Damage Reduction
PistolEquip: PistolCommon✔️
Pump Shotgun MK2Equip: Pump Shotgun mk2Uncommon✔️
Sawed-Off ShotgunEquip: Sawed OffUncommon✔️
Snubnose PistolEquip: SNS PistolCommon✔️
Spectra ShieldEquip: Body ArmorRare✔️15% Damage Reduction
Tactical RadioEquip: RadioCommon✔️
TalboTec RifleEquip: Advanced RifleRare✔️
UziEquip: Micro SMGUncommon✔️
Vintage PistolEquip: Vintage PistolCommon✔️
ItemSkill BoostEffectRarityStatusNotes
Baby Rosalyn+3 Tinkering30% Reduced Mechanic Crafting TimeArtifact〰️
Vampyr Adrasteia+2 Regeneration

Mohegan sun casino ct address. +1 Toughness

15% Increased Regeneration EffectivenessArtifact〰️
Abel Padilla (No Ponytail)5% Increased Normie Price (Wander Sell)Rare✔️
Abel Padilla (Ponytail)5% Increased Normie Price (Call Around)Rare✔️
AJChance to drop ammunition in your pocket.Epic✔️
Aluc Tepes30% Increased Criminal ExperienceArtifact〰️
Black Bear10% Mechanic Crafting Time BonusEpic✔️
Boris Gat10% Kalashnikov DamageEpic✔️
Boris Gat, Store Owner+1 Loot Roll in Crowbar StoresEpic✔️
Captain John Morelli15% Increased Forensic Fingerprint QualityLegendary✔️
Chalupa Ranch Schuster10% Increased Hacking PayoutEpic✔️
Charity Rose5% Hacking PayoutRare✔️
Chris MeehanIncreased Luck ModifierLegendary✔️
Commandant DisarrayHigher Quality of Billstraps in BanksLegendary✔️
Botanist Johnny Killroy15% Faster Weed Grow GrowthLegendary✔️
Classic JokerHigher quality of loot in store robberiesLegendary✔️
Danny SmithChance to drop ore in your pocket.Legendary✔️
Dominic Savage5% Reduced laundering time.Rare✔️
Dr. DeMartini15% Medical ExperienceLegendary✔️
Chester Svedski10% Uzi DamageEpic✔️
Frank Bruno5% Chance for extra parts when chopping for partsRare✔️
Gaggsworth, FIBTBD ReworkEpic〰️
Gordon Luger10% Faster LaunderingEpic✔️
Grant Harris+2 THP / LevelLegendary✔️
Greasemonkey Mira5% Reduced Tinkering TimeRare✔️
Hakon Teller5% Reduced MSRP of vehicles at Car DealershipRare✔️
HavenbreakerChance to imbue you with the power of HavenbreakerLegendary✔️
Hunting Guide Declan O'Brien5% Increased Pelt ChanceRare✔️
Icarus Jones, Archeologist5% Improved Treasure Hunting LootRare✔️
Icarus Shaw5% Chopshop PayoutRare✔️
Johnny Killroy10% Reduced Fall DamageEpic〰️
Joseph Dredd+50% Experience for serving warrantsRare✔️
Kain Tepes+15 All GTA SkillsLegendary✔️
Katerina Gat5% Police ExperienceRare✔️
Kincaid15% LifestealLegendary〰️
Lambeau Wulfe10% Chance to Avoid PrisonEpic✔️
Lambeau, Vago No More10% Increased Taxi PayoutsEpic✔️
Liam Dahl5% Police ExperienceRare✔️
Linvala TepesSignificant chance to resist fatal injuryLegendary✔️
Lyla WrenChance to drop bandages in your pocketEpic✔️
Marc DeMartini5% Schwag PayoutRare✔️
Maria BellucciTBD ReworkEpic〰️
Natasha Gat, Meth Queen10% Backstreet Production YieldEpic✔️
Natasha Gat, Patron of ThievesChance to find the Bank Manager's CardLegendary✔️
Niko CavalloChance to escape fines and time when arrestedEpic✔️
Odessa Rider15% Reduced Fines when arrestedLegendary✔️
Oianna5% Vehicle Repair XPRare✔️
Red Flame15% Assault Rifle DamageLegendary✔️
Robert FordHigher Chance of Critical Success on MiningEpic✔️
Scud Enchiladas10% Increased Trucking PayoutsEpic✔️
Sheriff Jimantha15% Increased LEO Experience and PayLegendary✔️
Short Stache Mustachio10% Chance of extra packages on HeistsEpic✔️
Solomon Talbot15% Business Property DiscountLegendary〰️
Sweaty Jack Dawson5% Reduced Smelting TimeRare✔️
Thorgrim Hansen, Jack of All Trades15% Police Experience / +10% All Other ExperienceLegendary✔️
ThuggyChance to acquire gold pieces while huntingEpic✔️
Tim the Tow Man5% Increased Tow PayoutsRare✔️
Viola Gat, Lady of the Void15% Increased Maximum HPEpic✔️
Young Odessa Rider10% Farming YieldEpic〰️
Adrasteia's Collar+1 RegenerationEpic✔️
Alestair’s Remote Communicator+2 Hacking SkillEpic✔️
Amethyst+1 FlyingRare✔️
Aquamarine+1 Lung CapacityRare✔️
Armenian Gold Chains+2 Car TheftRare✔️
Assembled EOS Reports+2 Law EnforcementEpic✔️
Beast Rune+2 Regeneration

+2 Toughness Skill

Bek’talith’s Silver Tongue+2 Plundering SkillEpic✔️
Bloodstone+1 ToughnessRare✔️
Booty Shorts+2 SanitationEpic✔️
Boris’ Tactical Vest+1 Toughness

+1 Assault Rifle Skill Modifier

Boris’ Shorts+1 Leadership Skill ModifierRare✔️
Boris’ Weighted Deathroll Dice+1 Luck StatRare✔️
Boss' Itinerary+2 EntrepreneurshipEpic✔️
Bumpstock+2 Assault Rifle UseEpic✔️
Burned Pegasus Nametag+1 Metabolism Skill / +1 Stamina SkillRare✔️
Burned Wolf Mask+2 MiningEpic✔️
Burnt Handle Bars+2 Drug DealingEpic✔️
Bus Schedule+1 BusRare✔️
Chrysoprase+1 ShootingRare✔️
Calcified Crack Rocks+1 MetabolismRare✔️
Cargo Manifest+1 TruckingRare✔️
Chunk of Starry Flesh+1 Shotgun SkillRare✔️
Curdled Milk+2 Physical Training

-1 Metabolism

Diamond+1 StealthRare✔️
Diet Pamphlet+1 MetabolismRare✔️
Dr. Boris’ Medical Degree+2 Medical Skill Modifier

-1 Stealth Skill Modifier

El Ramon's Shopping List+1 HeistsRare✔️
Emerald+5 StaminaRare✔️
Eveyln's Collar+1 Driving SkillEpic✔️
Filed Barrel+2 SMG UseEpic✔️
Galway HookerHeals you a bit too!Epic✔️Consumable 30 Uses Gets you drunk
GM Control Panel+2 LeadershipEpic✔️
Gnarlee’s Book of Telling+3 Scavenging SkillLegendary✔️
Golden Metal Detector+1 ScavengingRare✔️
Grant Harris’ Sunglasses+2 Investigation Skill ModifierEpic〰️YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Grant Harris’ Vietnam Dogtags+1 Heavy Weapon SkillRare〰️
Hayes Auto ID+1 TowRare✔️
Humanskin Hat+2 StealthEpic✔️
Ink Kit+2 ForgeryEpic✔️
Isaiah’s Phonebook+1 Drug Dealing SkillRare✔️
Isaiah’s Shitty Drawers+2 Shotgun SkillEpic✔️
Jimantha’s Shoes+2 Law Enforcement SkillEpic✔️
Jar o' Leaches+1 MedicalEpic〰️
Joel Hauser's Collar-1 ObligationCommon✔️
Kincaid’s Helicopter Speakers+1 Flying SkillRare✔️
Loki's Lost Mask+2 Stealth SkillRare✔️
Lost Chancla+2 Pistol SkillRare✔️
Lucky Wrench+2 Mechanic SkillRare✔️
Lyla's Collar+3 Medical SkillLegendary〰️
Mechanic's Toolbox+1 Vehicle Tuning

+1 Vehicle Repair

Mjolnir+2 Flying / +1 ToughnessLegendary✔️
Missing Tooth+1 HackingRare✔️
Nanites+2 Toughness SkillRare✔️
Niko's Broken Collar+1 Plundering SkillEpic✔️
Pencil Mustache+2 SWATEpic✔️
Penguin Mask+2 Fraud SkillRare✔️
Personal Shield Generator+50 THPLegendary✔️
Pint of Cognac10% Melee DamageEpic✔️Consumable 30 Uses Gets you drunk
Precise Tongs+2 SmeltingRare✔️
Replica Endbringer+3 Unarmed CombatLegendary✔️
Reusable Dime Bag+1 Weed ConnectionsRare✔️
Rigged Meter+1 TaxiRare✔️
Scales+2 Meth Connections SkillRare✔️
Shady BriefcaseHidden Inventory SlotLegendary〰️
Shady Contract+2 Car Dealer SkillRare✔️
Shattered Jameson Bottle+1 Unarmed Combat Skill Modifier

+1 Clipboard Use

SIU Raccoon+2 RobberyRare✔️
Speech Notes+2 Bartering SkillRare✔️
Stuffed Cat+2 Stamina SkillRare✔️
Viola's Collar+2 Meth Cooking SkillEpic✔️
Well Used Fishing Rod+1 FishingRare✔️
Worn Out Bandana+1 RobberyRare✔️
BinocularsAllow you to see at great distancesCommon✔️
CrowbarUsed for store robberyCommon✔️
Crowbar (Improved)Used for store robberyUncommon✔️10 second robbery time reduction
Crowbar (Gold)Used for store robberyUncommon✔️20 second robbery time reduction
Crowbar (Classic Joker)Used for store robberyRare✔️30 second robbery time reduction
Crowbar (Gordon Freeman)Used for store robberyEpic✔️40 second robbery time reduction
DatapadUsed for hackingCommon✔️
Datapad (iFruit)Used for hackingUncommon✔️+1 more dud removal
Datapad (Merriweather)Used for hackingUncommon✔️+1 more try resets
Datapad (TalboTec)Used for hackingRare✔️+2 dud removal, +1 try reset
Datapad (Alestair)Used for hackingEpic✔️+2 dud removal, +2 try reset
Datapad (Rosalyn Talbot)Used for hackingLegendary✔️+3 dud removal, +3 try reset
DrillUsed for bank robberyCommon✔️
Drill Bit (Standard)Used for bank robberyCommon✔️
Drill Bit (Cobalt)Used for bank robberyUncommon✔️+10% Heat resistance & Durability
Drill Bit (Titanium)Used for bank robberyUncommon✔️+15% Heat resistance & Durability
Drill Bit (Adamantine)Used for bank robberyRare✔️+20% Heat resistance & Durability
Drill Bit (Enchanted)Used for bank robberyEpic✔️Unbreakable
Fishing RodUsed for fishingCommon✔️
Improved Hunting KnifeUsed for huntingEpic✔️+2 Hunting Skill
Golden PickaxeUsed for miningRare✔️+1 Mining Skill
Nightvision GogglesAllows you to see in the darkLegendary✔️
SlimjimUsed for stealing carsCommon〰️Pending Rework
StethoscopeUsed for dial robberiesEpic✔️Reduces the maximum amount of tumblers
Thermal GogglesAllow you to see heatLegendary✔️
Crafting Materials
Brass IngotTinkeringCommon✔️
Copper IngotTinkeringCommon✔️
Copper OreTinkeringCommon✔️
Chromium SolutionChemistryUncommon✔️
Deer PeltVariousCommon✔️
EctoplasmVariousUncommon✔️May have unintended side affects
Embalming FluidChemistryUncommon✔️
Ferric ChlorideChemistryRare✔️
Iron IngotTinkeringCommon✔️
Iron OreTinkeringCommon✔️
Paint BaseTinkeringCommon✔️
Paint MixtureTinkeringCommon✔️
Potassium NitrateTinkeringCommon✔️
Rabbit PeltVariousCommon✔️
Sodium ChlorideChemistryRare✔️
Steel IngotTinkeringUncommon✔️
Stainless Steel IngotTinkeringRare✔️
Viola PuddlesTinkeringUncommon✔️
Legacy Items
Ahmut Geldon5% Post OP Mission PayRare✔️Legacy
B.A. BlackalackazTackle duration increased by 3 seconds.Rare✔️Legacy
Black Cougar+10 Inventory Slot LimitEpic〰️Legacy
Cam Oltow10% Explosive DamageEpic✔️Legacy
Cam Oltow, Driver10% Post OP ExperienceEpic✔️Legacy
Carlito Esposito5% Increased Cocaine ValueRare✔️Legacy
Commandant BlitzkreigChance for bonus Ammo when crafting ammo.

-10 to Obligation

Declan O'Brien10% Reduction in Guncrafting TimeEpic〰️Legacy
Disarray, Champion of Light10% Explosive DamageEpic✔️Legacy
El Ramon+10 Inventory Slot LimitEpic〰️Legacy
Fiona Free5% Community Service Trash ReductionRare✔️Legacy
Gringo Bob5% Backstreet PayoutRare✔️Legacy
GuillermoHigher Quality of Loot in Crowbar StoresLegendary✔️Legacy
Isaiah Harper5% Shotgun DamageRare✔️Legacy
JimanthaChance to get slimedLegendary✔️Legacy
John Morelli10% Bonus Damage with Carbine Rifle / mk2Epic✔️Legacy
Luca Blight+1 THP / LevelEpic✔️Legacy
Meepo200% Food and DrinkLegendary✔️Legacy
Mike Heavybreathing+10 Inventory Slot LimitEpic〰️Legacy
Mira Jiminez10% Chance for extra servings when cookingEpic✔️Legacy
Mr Milk5% Bonus Damage with Bullpup Rifle / mk2Rare✔️Legacy
Natasha Gat Sr15% Increased Quality of Crafted GunsLegendary〰️Legacy
NecrovolChance to cheat deathEpic✔️Legacy
Officer Joel HauserChance to avoid fines when arrestedEpic✔️Legacy
PyroChance to drop Molotovs in your pocketRare✔️Legacy
Raven5% Melee DamageRare✔️Legacy
Red Flame 2Slightly Higher Quality of Billstraps in BanksRare✔️Legacy
Scott Barnes10% Chopshop PayoutEpic✔️Legacy
Spud BakerTBD ReworkEpic〰️Legacy
Sputnik5% Assault Rifle DamageRare✔️Legacy
Thorgrim10% Carbine Rifle DamageEpic✔️Legacy
Tina T.Chance to drop some meth in your pocketEpic✔️Legacy
Viola GatChance to drop a refreshing drink in your pocketLegendary✔️Legacy

✔️ - Implemented in live

❌ - Not yet in production.

〰️ - In active development / receiving rework.

Legacy items can no longer be obtained.

Oblivion Equipment Slots Online

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