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If you are sealing on a 1.000' ID your seal ring groove diameter for varying oring sizes is as follows: 000 series (.070 cross section) seal ring grrove would be.882' dia. O-rings are available in various metric and inch standard sizes. Sizes are specified by the inside diameter and the cross section diameter (thickness). In the US the most common standard inch sizes are per SAE AS568C specification (e.g. On O-ring drive belts and their application will be found in O-Ring Applications, Section III. 1.2 What is an O-Ring Seal? An O-ring seal is used to prevent the loss of a fluid or gas. The seal assembly consists of an elastomer O-ring and a gland. An O-ring is a circular cross-section ring molded from rubber (Figure 1-1).

O-ring groove design for non-circular groove

O-ring groove design for non-circular groove

  1. The online O-Ring Calculator offers engineers and professionals a quick and easy way to calculate O-Ring dimensions and the appropriate housing layout in accordance with the international O-Ring standard ISO 3601.
  2. O-Ring Size AS568A-W Cross Section Nominal Actual L Gland Depth Squeeze% G Groove Width (To sharp corner) R R 1 004 through 050 1/16.070 ±.003.053 to.055 23.
I am designing a static seal with an o-ring.
The particularity is that the groove is non-circular. It has an oval-like shape (see picture in link below).
I am wondering how to calculate groove dimensions.
The medium is compressed air of 10 bar.
Pressure is on the inside, so the o-ring is pressed to the outermost groove wall.
I was thinking to calculate the groove the standard way as if the o-ring was placed in a circular groove, using some online calculator or the Parker Handbook.
Then, I would calculate my oval groove so that the outside wall ('outside circumference') of the oval groove has the same length as the outside wall of the circular groove.
Groove width and depth according to the standard calculations.
Would this be an acceptable calculation method?
Kind regards

Can O-rings be used in rectangular or non-circular groove patterns? This question comes up weekly, and the answer is a resounding “Yes!” however there are definite guidelines we want to follow. A non-circular face seal footprint might also be called a racetrack groove, a wandering groove or a custom plan view. When using an O-ring, the main design consideration is the corner or smallest radius (shown “r” in diagram). The inside radius should be at least three times the O-ring cross sectional diameter. In a perfect world, six times greater is even better. What we want to avoid is over-stressing the O-ring around the bend, or causing a corner crease which increases likelihood of corner leakage. Designing the radius at six times the cross section will minimize the bending stress, resulting in increased service life.

Texas holdem poker spelletjes online. Ideal design: r > 6 x W diameter but no less than r > 3 x W diameter

To minimize installation difficulties arising from stretch or OD compression on the seal, the centerline perimeter of the groove should match the centerline circumference of the O-ring. The rectangular cross section of the groove will follow the suggested guidelines in the O-Ring Handbook.


For those times when hardware real estate is at a premium and we simply cannot increase the inside corner radii to the desired size, an alternative option is the O-Seal. The O-Seal has a round cross section like an O-ring. However the footprint of the O-Seal is designed to match the shape of the groove. The primary advantage of the O-Seal is custom molding to fit the exact groove, eliminating the concern that comes with bending stress at the corners. A smaller corner radii can be used for the groove, allowing the footprint to fit perfectly within the application’s design constraints.

O Ring Groove Dimensions Calculator

If there are multiple ports or openings on the face, or bolt holes to contour around, these seals can be consolidated into a single O-seal solution. By consolidating seals, the installation process becomes much easier. All seals are ready to be installed at the same time, and the risk of installing the incorrect seal material is eliminated. This may offer the added advantage of streamlining the bill of materials and simplifying the amount of stock to be replenished during the assembly process.

O-Seals are available in nearly every material family and engineered for optimum size and configuration for each unique application. Parker Application Engineers are happy to assist you with your racetrack groove design or a custom O-Seal. Please contact us today via online chat or by email by visiting Parker O-Ring and Engineered Seals Division website.

O-ring Groove Dimensions Static

This article was contributed by Dorothy Kern , applications engineer lead, O-Ring & Engineered Seals Division

O Ring Groove Dimensions Metric Pdf

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