Most Trustworthy Gambling Sites

You’re on this page because you’re looking for the best sports betting sites online today. You’ve come to the right place, as we understand all the major and minor details that distinguish the top sports gambling sites from those you should avoid.

Online sports betting should be fun, convenient, and, above all, safe. Our recommended sports betting sites don’t just promise that; they actually deliver it.

Most gambling sites are completely safe and reliable. Online casinos used state-of-the-art security measures to ensure the safety of your money and personal information when you gamble online. How can I find a trusted online casino? The best way to find safe online casinos is to use our list of recommended sites. Bovada Casino is considered to be one of the most legitimate casinos in the business and is trusted by thousands of players.

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Whether you prefer to wager real money on football, basketball, boxing, baseball, soccer, or any other sport, the one thing that unites all online sports gamblers is a desire for a quality betting experience. Only the best online sportsbooks and bookmakers can provide that.

Ultimately, you should have the final say in who you bet with. That’s why we provide you with options. We recommend a number of online betting sites that are the safest, most trustworthy, and highest-rated on the internet.

We understand that everyone has their own idea of what the best sports betting sites should look like. The devil is in the detail, sure, but that doesn’t mean that you should overlook some of the most crucial elements of what separates the top real money sports betting sites from the pretenders.

If you’re a beginner to the world of online gambling, you might have a single-track mind when looking for websites for sports betting. Rather than thinking of how trustworthy a site is or whether it offers what you need, you might simply ask, “What is the best online betting site?” Or “Where can I bet on sports online?”

With experience, things change. If you’ve been betting on sports online for a while, you likely understand that there are many aspects that affect its overall quality.

We understand the importance of only recommending stellar online bookmakers that truly have your interests at heart. Here’s how we rank the best of the best:

Safety and Security

There is no question that safety comes first. With so many sports gambling sites out there, it is vital to know that not all can be trusted to pay out your winnings or even keep your sensitive information safe.

Therefore, if you notice anything a little odd about a betting site, you should never take risks. Why? Well, because betting for real money at a website that is not safe or secure could lead to all kinds of trouble.

When reviewing online sports betting sites, some will invariably fail to impress us in terms of safety and security. With the collective expertise of our staff, we can usually spot a shady sportsbook or bookmaker a mile off. But even if there isn’t any obvious signs of danger immediately, our rigorous tests, background checks, and hard work will always weed the rogue operations out.

Any betting site that we identify as being untrustworthy stands NO chance of making our rankings.

Let’s be frank here. If a site is not operating legally in an appropriate online gambling jurisdiction, nor fully licensed and regulated by a trusted authority, it will be tossed overboard quicker than a ticking timebomb.

Put simply, any online sportsbook or bookmaker that we recommend must have a valid and recognized betting license. Period. Regardless of how wonderful they may claim to be, we will never entertain them if they do not legally operate in a trusted jurisdiction.

We cannot emphasize enough how careful we are when recommending legal sports betting sites.

Just because a site has a license does not guarantee that it is safe or completely legit. As crazy as it may sound, some licenses are handed out like candy, providing the owners operation pay a fee to obtain them.

Ideally, we want to see a license from a reputable body that will hold that company accountable if they breach the terms of that license. Therefore, we always perform background checks to ensure that everything is above board before recommending any online sports betting websites to you.

Once we are happy that a site has the right attitude toward security and operating legally, we will then move on to other areas.

For instance, we know that the top sites for betting on sports online usually provide customers with a number of banking options.

With our years of experience in reviewing and recommending the best online gambling sites, we’ve seen that the leading sites make depositing and withdrawing funds as easy as possible.

We expect to see any site worthy of our recommendation providing a number of different deposit and withdrawal methods. A healthy mix of credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, Bitcoin, and pay by phone options is always well received.

Additionally, we expect the best online sports betting sites to process deposits and withdrawals as quickly as possible. Furthermore, we also believe that customers should not be harnessed by excessive fees on transactions or limits on how much they can deposit or withdraw.

If you are looking for the best online betting sites for sports, it’s only natural that you should want the top odds and markets you can get your hands on. That’s why we put a lot of emphasis on finding and recommending sports betting sites that excel in this field.

Whether you are betting on NFL games or boxing matches, finding the best odds can lead to a bigger profit. When we review any sports betting site, you can be sure that this is taken into account when we regularly update our rankings.

Additionally, we believe that any betting website worth its salt should offer more than just the standard moneyline bets on big events. Therefore, we don’t just look at how many sports are covered, but also check how creative things are in terms of betting options.

You will find that our top-rated online sports betting sites do very well when it comes to odds, types of wagers, and markets.

Whether you are an expert-level gambler or just starting out, we are confident that you will find plenty of appealing betting options at our recommended sites.

In addition to all of the above, our rankings are also based on how online betting sites perform in the categories below.

  • Bonuses and Promotions
  • Loyalty Programs
  • User Interface and Design
  • App/Mobile Compatibility
  • Customer Support
  • Extra Features
  • Customer Satisfaction

We’ve covered our ranking process in more detail on our page explaining how we evaluate sports betting sites.

What is right for you might not work for the next person. That’s why restaurants have menus and clothes come in different sizes. But when all is said and done, there is nothing as satisfying as finding an online sports betting site that fits perfectly like a silk glove over your hand.

There are a number of things that will play a part in finding the right online betting site for your needs. We provide additional rankings of sports betting sites that are categorized according to things such as the region you are in, particular sports you like to bet on, and much more.

Let’s take a look.

Best Sports Betting Sites by Region

Most Trustworthy Sports Betting Sites

Online gambling laws dictate things such as where you can and can’t play and what currencies and payment methods you can use. Therefore, it is important to choose an option that accepts customers in your jurisdiction.

Whether you are based in the United States, the UK, or anywhere else, you can find the best sports betting sites available to you under the relevant category below.

What’s your sport of choice? Maybe you are the type who enjoys betting on a wide range of different sports, rather than just sticking to one. Well, in that case, you should know that there are some excellent online betting sites that cater well to specific sports.

The best sports betting sites know how to make their customers happy. And we know which of them do more for their customers in particular categories.

Sometimes, you want to find the best bonuses and free bets. Or perhaps you would love nothing more than to find an online sportsbook with fast payouts. We categorize betting websites that cater to your specific needs.

Beyond selecting reputable betting sites such as the ones we recommend, it’s also important to know the online gambling laws in your own country and to understand how to keep yourself safe when gambling online.

While the decision is always yours when it comes to choosing from the numerous legal sportsbooks out there, it does pay to be vigilant. Always remember that your safety should come before everything else.

Here are a few tips to help you bet safely and legally online.

  • Always research any betting sites before you deposit to ensure that they are operating legally, as well as licensed and regulated by recognized bodies.
  • Check to see how long the site has been in business. If an online bookmaker or sportsbook is new to the industry, it carries a greater risk.
  • Find out what security measures and processes are in place to protect you and your sensitive data. The latest SSL encryption and firewalls are better at keeping you safe.
  • Never share your passwords with anyone, and always keep your anti-virus software on and up to date when playing.
  • Make good use of unbiased reviews where necessary. For example, you can refer to our online gambling site reviews section to help you paint a picture of how trustworthy a site really is.

For beginners, picking the right sports betting site is just the start. There is always more to learn, too. Things such as how to deposit and place wagers or how to take advantage of bonuses and rewards might take a little time to understand.

Most Trusted Gambling Sites

Luckily for you, we have all the answers you need to help you get up and running with things. Visit the following page to find out more about betting sports online.

Online Sports Betting

If you are interested in learning more about sports betting in general, including expert advice on how to improve your chances of making money, check out our complete sports betting guide.

Sports Betting Guide

Sports Betting Sites FAQ

There are so many sports betting sites operating today, but unfortunately, not all of them are safe.

The best sports betting sites that we recommended are all 100% safe, as we have taken the time to ensure that this is the case. However, if you just choose a sportsbook or bookmaker at random — without conducting any form of research or checking their credentials — there is no guarantee that it will be safe for you to use.

What are the benefits of betting online?

There are numerous advantages to choosing an online betting site and wagering online.

Best poker starting hands ranked. The most obvious benefit is that you can access a sportsbook from the comfort of your own home, providing you have access to the internet. Additionally, many of the best sports betting sites offer incentives such as bonuses and promotions that you won’t find offline.

Yes, most sites these days are fully compatible with smartphones and other mobile devices such as tablets. They typically also offer dedicated betting apps you can download and use for an even easier way to place your wagers.

What bonuses and promotions am I entitled to?

This depends on the site itself, as different operators provide different bonuses and promotions to different customers.

For the most part, eligible new customers can usually avail of things like free bets. Existing customers might be offered seasonal promotions and a chance to opt into things like loyalty programs.

What payment methods can I use on a sports betting site?


Once again, that depends on the operator.

However, it is common for the best betting websites to provide customers with a number of payment methods that include credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and sometimes cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Most online bookmakers have set times when they process withdrawals that range from 2-3 days for e-wallets and 3-5 working days for credit and debit cards.

However, times can vary, so make sure to check this out with the site before you sign up.

Do I have to prove my identity with an online betting site?

Most sports betting sites will need to verify your age before you can withdraw winnings.

Depending on your jurisdiction, you will need to prove, at the very least, that you are old enough to gamble. So, expect to provide documents for age verification purposes at some point.

Last updated: December, 2020

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