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In these last chapters, there was a long section about Marie Antoinette and her husband, King Louis XIV of France. I know that the French people hated her because she was associated with the Austrian royal family, which was France’s greatest rival at the time. I also know that she was a very avid spender of the French government’s money. If she wanted something, she would receive it.

Louis XIV was born on September 5, 1638, in Saint-Germaine-en-Laye, France. He became king in 1643. As of 1661, he started reforming France. Louis XIV saw games of chance as another way of turning his courtiers against each other and keeping them too busy with frivolities to challenge his rule, so gambling at the palace quickly became so 'extravagant and intense' that Versailles earned the nickname 'ce tripot' — gambling den. Few monarchs have ruled for longer. Born in 1638, Louis XIV became king at age 4 following the death of his father, Louis XIII, and remained on the throne for the next 72 years. In late 2020, rumors once again circled the internet about the womanizing 17th-century ruler of France King Louis XIV who was thought to have had a fetish for watching women give birth.

In this first article, it explains that because a lot of the French people hated Marie Antoinette, it was a sort of fashion to blame her for bed things and make jokes at her expense. Her overspending greatly displeased the people of France, because Louis couldn’t do as much to help the country without as much money. Safe poker online. It also mentions that Antoinette was decapitated on false charges at the guillotine later in the same year her husband, the King, had been executed at the guillotine.

This next article really opened my eyes to another side of the hated Queen. It spoke of how she had very high moral standards. She wouldn’t let people say racy remarks or things like that because she had a kind side. She was also very attentive when she was given responsibility to care after something. She had to babysit some young women from time to time and the article says she was very caring and attentive.

The final article begins by explaining that when Louis XIV first married Marie Antoinette, she was not a problem, and she had no purpose other then making children to carry on Louis’ legacy. When the French people started to dislike Louis, and Marie Antoinette still hadn’t had a child, Louis started to seem to lose interest in the government and his people. That was when Marie started being more social by going to the Opera House or going out late to party around Versailles. The more she partied the more the rumors began to be created and spread.

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So I’ve learned a lot about Marie Antoinette from these articles.I learned that she was killed at the guillotine, that she wasn’t really a bad person, she just liked to party, and I learned how and why the rumors started.