How To Win Money On Roulette Online

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Roulette is definitely one of the most popular games of chance in the world. Placing your money on numbers on a wheel seems easy, but in reality, very few people know how to win at online roulette. For most people, this game is just about luck and chance, so they keep throwing their money away, not knowing they could actually improve their odds of winning.

How? By having a good strategy – but it’s not easy to build one!

How to win money on roulette online game

If you want to make sure you don’t end up like some of the unguided players, just throwing your money in a bottomless pit, you’re at the right place.

This article is all about showing you how to win at online roulette and make a healthy profit!

Fibonacci Roulette Strategy Fibonacci is a very interesting roulette strategy because it is safer than other strategies, for example, the Black and White or Martingale’s system. But it does not reduce the potential of the system to earn some money. This system is more popular in mathematics, where it is called the Fibonacci sequence. Apr 10, 2014 Most websites preaching tips to win roulette are written by people wanting to promote online casinos. And they’ll give you the worst advice that will lose you money. The only way you’ll win in the long term is with sheer luck.

Understanding Online Roulette to Win

How do you beat a machine at its own game? How to win at online roulette? Is it safe to gamble online?

These are logical questions, but luckily, scams in today’s online casinos are very rare. They’re most often owned by big-shot land casino companies, so they have almost no interest in participating in controversial activities to earn a quick buck. These companies have long-term business strategies and plan on staying on the market in the long term, so they’re usually as legit as land casinos.

Sep 11, 2016 There are two types of online roulette, and the prospects for “making a living” online for each is explained below: 1. RNG roulette: This is where the winning number is determined by a random number generator. Here's the thing about roulette: you can make a lot of money betting on one number, or you can win a tiny amount of money by betting on lots of numbers. The more numbers you bet on, the higher your chances of winning. If you place your chip on one number, then the chances of hitting that number are pretty low, so the payout is pretty large.

However, it’s the internet. There are scammers, and you should try to avoid them. For example, don’t pick small casinos you’ve never heard of, from the end of the search results, and of course, know your game: how online roulette works!

Online roulettes are usually based on a random number generator (RNG), the computer program that selects number sequences with total randomness. The RNG operates completely independently, and it’s impossible to predict its values.

Some people believe they’ll increase their odds of winning by placing big bets. That’s foolish.

The RNG runs constantly in a slot, even when the machine is not being used, deciding which numbers come out.

But, is the RNG really so random?

Overdrive slot service

Luckily for you – no. Sometimes we call RNG the Pseudo-Random-Generator because there can be a slight, but detectable non-randomness. That’s where your knowledge about online roulette, roulette strategies, and prediction software, jumps in to help you build the best strategy for winning at online roulette!

Winning at Online Roulette is Choosing the Right Roulette Site

So, in order to start winning at online roulette, you need to choose a legit site.

But how do you pick one?

Before researching all available online casinos, ask a friend for a referral. If you have an experienced online roulette player in your circles, consult them for a site recommendation.

If not, you’ll need to do your own research. Pick 10 or 15 online roulettes that come out first in your Google search results, and research them online. To figure out which ones you can trust to start winning at online roulette, you need to find reviews about them and analyze their website. When you start with reviews, be careful to find the real ones. Many people get paid to write reviews for websites they have never used. You need real player reviews, not paid propaganda!

Here’s a list of the most important factors to consider when it comes to online roulette casino:

  • Mobile apps
  • Withdrawal methods
  • Welcome bonus & promotions
  • Live roulette options
  • Range of roulette games
  • Support
  • Licensing and security

Mobile apps make your gambling cozier and available all the time regardless of location. Make sure your withdrawal methods are aligned with your country’s laws and regulations, and that you can access your money.

When it comes to welcome bonuses and promotions, you should always understand their terms and conditions, because these free games could be a scam. However, that’s rarely the case, they are much more often just incentives for new players.

The first step to winning at online roulette is to know your opponent well – and your opponent is the house!

Master the Roulette Bets to Win

If you want to start winning at roulette, you need to understand the game too. Playing at random is just testing your luck, while using different methods and strategies helps you utilize the probability rules and enhance your odds of winning at online roulette.

Here’s a list of main types of roulette bets:

  1. Outside bets

These are usually made on the perimeter of the table. When you play outside bets, you bet on groups of numbers or colors, not on a specific number. These are usually lower-risk bets because they have betterodds of winning, but with a lower payout.

  • Red/Black: you’re betting whether the ball will end up on a red or a black number. Although many people assume that the odds are 50:50 in this bet – they’re not, because of the 0 or 00 on the wheel, which is neither black nor red. That’s how casinos get their advantage.
  • Odd/Even: you’re betting whether the ball will end up on an even or odd number. That’s all, the rest is the same, like in red/black. Your odds are less than 50:50.
  • High/Low: in this bet, you’re suggesting the ball will end up somewhere between 1 and 18 (low) or between 19 and 36 (high).
  • Columns: you’re betting that the ball will end up in one out of three dozens of numbers. Each dozen pays 2:1.

2. Inside Bets

These cover the bets made on the inside of the betting table, where all the numbers are placed. Unlike the outside bets, the odds of winning here are usually much lower, meaning that you’re playing high-risk bets. However, if you do win, the payout is much higher.

  • Straight-up: you bet on a certain number. The odds of winning are 35:1.
  • Split: you don’t bet on a specific number, but rather on a line that separates two numbers. If one of those wins – you win. Ods: 17:1.
  • Corner: similar to the split bet, but you bet that one of four numbers will come out. Odds: 8:1.
  • Line: you bet on two consecutive rows of three numbers (1-6, 7-12…). Odds: 5:1.
  • Five-number bet: you bet on one single group of numbers: 0, 00, 1, 2, 3. Odds: 6:1, but the probability to win is decimals above 13%. This is one of the dumbest bets you can make.
  • Basket: again you bet on a specific group of numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3. Ods: 6:1.
  • Snake bet: you make a snake pattern and cover the numbers: 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34. Odds: 2:1.

Besides outside and inside bets, there are also call bets and final bets. However, we recommend you study these basics first and then move on to more difficult combinations if you want to start winning at online roulette.

Setting up a Strategy to Win at Online Roulette

Now that you know your types of bets, you should also build a winning strategy. There are a few strategies with proven best results with winning at online roulette: Martingale, Fibonacci method, and D’Alembert’s strategy.

Martingale to Win at Online Roulette

This is one of the most common betting systems: every time you lose you increase your bet, so once you win, you get your lost money back and start over. However, this is very risky, as you might lose all your money before finally winning one round.

The best way to apply this method is to bet only on even-money outside bets:

  • 1-18;
  • 19-36;
  • Red/Black;
  • Even/Odd.

These are the closest to 50:50 odds, meaning that you’ll win the same amount of money you bet.

The Fibonacci Method for Winning at Online Roulette

The basis of this strategy is the Fibonacci number sequence: the next number in a row equals the sum of the previous two:


This system is used exclusively for even-money outside bets

  • Odd/Even;
  • Black/Red;
  • 1-18;
  • 19-36, and so on.

When you bet using this strategy, you can start with any number, but you need to continue using this logic.

This is a safe strategy, but it won’t win you a lot of money. The odds of winning are roughly 50%.

D’Alembert’s Strategy to Win at Online Roulette

This system is also based on betting on the even-money outside bets. However, unlike the Martingale, you add one unit to the player’s steak. Every time you win, the stake decreases by one unit, so the betting progression is much slower and you stay longer in the game.

For example, you bet: 1-2-3-2-1-1-2-1…

The logic behind this strategy is that the bets you make will at some point even out: after a long streak of reds, there will be a long streak of blacks or a streak of odds will follow a streak of evens.

Having Goals to Win at Online Roulette

Before sitting at your roulette table, think twice: what are your goals?

Are you there to have fun? Do you just want to test your luck and place random bets on random numbers?

Or is your goal to get money by winning at online roulette? If you want to win money, you need to experiment: find the strategy that suits you best, and learn about all types of betting. That way, you can create the perfect winning combination!

Winning at Online Roulette Means Knowing How to Stop

Regardless of whether you’re a veteran or newbie in the world of gambling, you should be aware that it’s addictive. Moreover, gambling is never completely fair, or on your side: in the long run, the casino is always a winner, based on the probabilities calculations.

That’s why you need to know when to stop playing. Once you lose a certain amount of money, you should finish for that day. Of course, there’s an option in between: before exiting the game, you set smaller loss limits – 20% or 40% of your initial amount. If your losses cross 50% of the initial sum, you should by all means leave.

How to Win at Online Roulette? Using Roulette Software

Now that you know all this, we can introduce you to some shortcuts to becoming a roulette winner: using roulette software.

But, before we start, you should know that using these is forbidden, so not only should you do it in secrecy, you also need to take the risks and the responsibilities of using it.

How Does Online Roulette Software Work?

How To Win Money On Roulette online, free

Remember how we said that roulettes are based on the random number generator? Although in theory, this pattern should be unpredictable, that’s not completely true. Roulette prediction software is based on calculating roulette patterns. You just enter the numbers from the last two or three rounds and let the software tell you what to do next. The more rounds you’re able to enter – the better the software’s grasp on the ongoing game!

The Tech-Analysts’ prediction software is created to significantly increase the player’s odds of winning at the online casino. It combines capital management, optimized betting sequences, and AI to analyze the RNG algorithm and give you the most precise possible results.

It’s programmed to perform sessions that last until each of them generates a €1 profit.

If you’re still wondering how to win at online roulette, check out the Tech-Analysts prediction software – it’s free of charge, and works on donations. If you’re satisfied, leave a tip!

Benefits of Roulette Software?

Now that you know how online roulette and the roulette software work, it’s almost needless to explain the immense benefits they bring to players.

First, prediction software is designed to ‘break’ the RNG algorithm to help your winning at roulette. Second, some prediction software cost money, however, it’s a fixed amount of cash for lifetime use. That means you can use them an endless number of times to generate revenue in online roulette.

Tech-Analysts prediction software is free of charge, working on donations instead. If you visit the website you’ll find many satisfied customers who donate money to keep this software alive and available to all online roulette lovers!

Roulette has developed a mystic aura surrounding it over the years. The long history of the game includes many failures, but also some spectacular success stories like the original “Man Who Beat Monte Carlo”. However, roulette doesn’t need those stories to highlight the fact that the game is spectacular fun.

Beyond the spinning ball and the intrigue of using a special system to capture and exploit a run of winning numbers, players often lose sight of just why they are playing. Most casino players wander to the gaming tables without thinking about a specific strategy to win at roulette. Unfortunately they are more likely to see their chips bleed away quickly because they are making so many bets on numbers that even when they manage to have a few lucky strikes the payoff is quite small. And, if you don’t maximize your payoffs there is little chance of leaving the table a winner.


Choosing Your Strategy

Before wagering, roulette players should decide not just what betting strategy or system they will use, but also whether to just casually pass the time or try for a roulette win. Casual bettors may enjoy the game immensely, but they are unlikely to ever have the kind of night they will remember for years to come.

Roulette players have devised many betting systems over the years to take advantage of both good and bad streaks. None of them are designed for a large win. For instance, the Martingale systemplayer is after a steady win of one unit at a time, constantly trying to dodge the bullet of seven straight losses.

Likewise,D’Alembert systemplayers grind away with a very popular (and sometimes profitable) system of gathering the same small units, but again they don’t fully capitalize on a winning streak.

It is a good start to decide to use a betting system; even if your roulette win strategy is simply to choose a few numbers you like and keep betting on them most of the evening. You’ll get a chance to play enough roulette to keep you happy, and you might increase your bankroll. However, if you want to go for a big score, it’s time to make some serious decisions about your table bankroll and your overall bankroll.

The Big Win



Nearly every “system” advocates quitting about the time the table stake or daily stake is doubled. If you come to the casino with $200, your goal is to enjoy yourself at the roulette tables and perhaps leave with $400. However, for these purposes let’s consider playing to win $3,000.

To get to that number you can take three approaches. The first approach is to immediately increase your starting bets to a level about five times your usual wager. If you usually bet 5 units of a 200 unit bankroll, you would start at 25 units. This higher wager will give you only 8 bets instead of 40, which means you will bust out quickly most times you play. Many players overbet their starting bankrolls and lose quickly.

The second approach is to use your usual betting limits but start increasing your wagers immediately upon a winning session. It is possible to use theLaboucheresystem, but there is zero room for a losing session. You would start with a simple line of ten units and, as soon as it was achieved, make a new line and double the wagers. Four consecutive sessions would translate to a $3000 win. Any less than five in a row and the entire stake is lost.

APivot systemplayer may find success when trying to score big by doubling their single number wagers each time their starting bankroll of 105 units is achieved. When 210 units are reached the bets double again. This is likely to result in a very rapid increase or decline in the table stakes (bankroll) but the player can return their bets to the starting amount and may ward-off a complete disaster. However, that means the good fortune of earlier spins are quickly erased and the player must contend with the fact that they did have a reasonable win at one point that was lost in the desire for a huge win.

The third approach to having a big win is to play any other system not discussed that you employ and forget about saving your winnings. Your only goal is to make 10 times your original table stake. You might try doubling after a win and then adding 25% to each subsequent win on outside numbers and doubling or tripling every wager on winning inside bets. This allows you to replenish some of your table stakes after most winning spins.

It takes a lot of nerve and fortune to make a big score at roulette, and most sessions will see you with an early win that is subsequently wiped-out with a streak of losing spins. If you don’t use a specific system but like to wager on inside numbers, the best avenue to a big score is to raise all of your bets in proportion to your table stakes.

Increase Your Wagers

If you start with 100 units, double your wager amount on individual bets as soon as you are over that 100. When you get to 200 units, double your wager amount on individual bets again and continue to double your wager amount on individual bets with each subsequent 100 units. You’ll have the option of dropping your wagers if you fall to lower levels, or keeping them at the present level and hope to hit a streak again quickly.

More mathematically-inclined players may also approach their wagers from a percentage of their table stakes. On any given spin they may decide to wager 5% of their stack (1/20thof their chips). This approach is less likely to reach high levels unless most wagers are straight-up or split bets, which can have huge returns when a good streak comes along. In addition, this particular approach will result in smaller and smaller bets as the table stakes fall – which may keep the player in action longer.

Regardless of which system you use, roulette is a fun and exciting game enjoyed by millions of players. If you want to have a night to remember, you’ll have to risk more in your attempt. Most of your efforts will fail, so they should be attempted when your bankroll can withstand a little rough water.

When you do have that big win, head home and enjoy the fruits of your labors! And remember to start your next session of play back at your previous table stakes before tapping into the big money.