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JAPAN GOLD DRAGON DAY2決勝 62名でスタートしました! 決勝DAY2進出者 62名/552エントリー 1-AYA先生 500,000 Jack&Queen 2-NAP様 498,000 POKER LIVE 3-寺西様 451,000 Arekey 4-稲葉様 424,000 ラスベガス 5-増田様 340,500 RIVER 6-ACE様 338,000 5BET 7-ママ様 325,500 POKER LIVE 8-四鹿様 323,000 Jack&Queen 9-hitomi様 309,300 Ritz 10-石津様 307,000 Jack. Pachinko (パチンコ) is a type of mechanical game originating in Japan and is used as both a form of recreational arcade game and much more frequently as a gambling device, filling a Japanese gambling niche comparable to that of the slot machine in Western gambling. Red Dragon Poker — is a state-of-the-art Chinese poker room backed by PokerStars: they are responsible for creating and developing it. The app was launched in early 2019, and thanks to a great and user-friendly platform and a professional work of the team behind it, Red Dragon Poker gained popularity very quickly.


Dragon Poker started as a field trial at the Rio in Las Vegas on September 27, 2018. The game uses a modified deck of cards with Chinese pictures. The structure of the game has elements of Three Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em.


  1. The game uses a modified 53-card deck, with the following cards:
    • 1 Gold Dragon
    • 3 Fire Dragons
    • 3 Water Dragons
    • 7 Phoenixes*
    • 8 Tigers
    • 9 Pandas
    • 10 Monkeys
    • 12 Rabbits
  2. The Gold Dragon is wild
  3. For purposes of the base game and the 3 Card Bonus (explained below), the Fire Dragons and Water Dragons are exactly the same. They are treated differently for purposes of the Dragon Bonus.
  4. The base game starts with the player betting equal amounts on the Ante and Ante Bonus. At this time, the player may make the optional side bets on the 3 Card Bonus and Dragon Bonus.
  5. After betting is closed, the player and dealer shall each receive three cards. The dealer cards are dealt face down.
  6. The player has two choices — make a raise bet equal to the Ante bet or fold.
  7. If the player folds, then he loses the Ante and Ante Bonus bets.
  8. After the player acts, the dealer shall reveal his cards.
  9. Both hands shall be scored as follows, from highest to lowest:
    • Three of a kind
    • Pair
    • Three singletons
  10. In the event that both player and dealer have the same type of hand, then the ranks of the cards in rule one shall be used to break the tie, as in conventional poker. The rank order is shown in rule one, except Fire Dragons and Water Dragons are treated equally as just 'Dragons.'
  11. If the player has the higher hand, then the Ante and Play bets shall pay one to one and the Ante Bonus according to the pay table below.
  12. If the dealer has the higher hand, then Ante, Ante Bonus, and Play shall all lose.
  13. If the player and dealer tie, then the Ante, Ante Bonus, and Play shall all push.
  14. The 3 Card Bonus shall pay according to the value of the player's hand only.
  15. The Dragon Bonus shall pay according to the number and type of dragons in the player's hand.
  16. All wins are on a 'to one' basis.

Ante Bonus Pay Table

Dragon Poker Japan Online

Three Dragons 20
Three Phoenixes 7
Other three of a kind 4
Two Pandas or better 1
Other Winner Push

* For purposes of this page, I struggled with the plural for phoenix. The game maker uses just 'phoenix,' but I prefer 'phoenixes,' as sixes is the plural for six.


In the example above, my three rabbits beat the dealer's pair of monkeys. The game expresses the 'win' on the image as the amount returned, including the original wager. I bet $100 each on the Ante, Ante Bonus, and Play. The Ante and Play each won another $100. The Ante Bonus paid 4 to 1, for $400 in winnings. My $10 bet on the 3 Card Bonus paid 10 to 1 odds for a low three of a kind, or $100. The Dragon Bonus lost because I had no dragons.


The player should make the Play bet with Phoenix-Panda-Rabbit or better.


Following is my analysis of the game. The lower right cell shows the ratio of the expected loss to the Ante bet is 3.70%.

Base Game Analysis

Win with three dragons 22 685,860 0.001494 0.032863
Win with three phoenixes 9 1,095,395 0.002386 0.021471
Win with other three of a kind 6 12,597,063 0.027436 0.164614
With with pair of pandas or better 3 90,652,512 0.197436 0.592307
Other win 2 113,820,564 0.247894 0.495789
Push 0 5,423,068 0.011811 0.000000
Fold -2 87,494,400 0.190558 -0.381115
Loss -3 147,380,738 0.320986 -0.962959
Total 459,149,600 1.000000 -0.037030

With two required units to begin with and raising 80.94% of the time, the average final wager is 2.809442 units. That makes the Element of Risk, defined as the expected loss to total amount bet, 3.7030%/2.809442 = 1.3181%.

Following is my analysis of the 3 Card Bonus side bet. The lower right cell shows a house edge of 5.06%.

3 Card Bonus Analysis

Three Dragons 40 35 0.001494 0.059763
Three Phoenixes 30 56 0.002391 0.071715
Three Tigers 15 84 0.003586 0.053786
Other trips 10 571 0.024375 0.243746
Two Dragons 4 966 0.041236 0.164945
Two Phoenixes 2 1,218 0.051994 0.103987
Two Tigers 1 1,480 0.063178 0.063178
Other -1 19,016 0.811748 -0.811748
Total 23,426 1.000000 -0.050628

Following is my analysis of the Dragon Bonus side bet. The lower right cell shows an expected return of 14.40%.

Dragon Bonus Analysis

Three Fire Dragons 1000 1 0.000043 0.042688
Three Water Dragons 1000 1 0.000043 0.042688
Three Dragons with Gold Dragon 200 15 0.000640 0.128063
Three Natural Dragons 60 18 0.000768 0.046103
Two Dragons 7 966 0.041236 0.288654
One Gold Dragon 5 1,035 0.044182 0.220908
All other -1 21,390 0.913088 -0.913088
Total 23,426 1.000000 -0.143985

External Links

  • Demo by the distributor.
  • Discussion in my forum at Wizard of Vegas.

Written by:Michael Shackleford

Konami’s position as a creator of innovative, visually impressive slot machines and casino games comes after a long, varied history in technology and entertainment. Starting from its simple roots, this Japanese company grew into a multimedia powerhouse with gaming divisions throughout Asia and North America.

Staying true to its slogan of “Born from Fun,” Konami develops and distributes both original creations and games based off of its popular video game licenses.

With a growing online presence and a steadily increasing list of unique slot machine features, Konami is prepared to stay competitive in the modern gaming environment.

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Dragon Poker Japan
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Free to play Konami slot machines

Top five Konami slot games

Players looking to try out some of Konami’s hottest offerings can keep an eye out for the following games.

No. 1 Dragon’s Law Twin Fever: A fun, Chinese dragon-themed slot machine, featuring fivereels and 30 paylines. This game includes basic action-stacked symbols as well as a free spin bonus round. The titular twin dragons are at the heart of the game. One or two lucky dragons can arrive after any spin to drop additional wild spaces onto the reel for some surprise wins.

No. 2 Solstice Celebration: A cute, wonderfully designed slot game has a theme around the beauty of spring in an enchanted meadow. The five-reel machine features 30 paylines and uses an enhanced version of the action-stacked symbols as a bonus. Called the Sparkle feature, all action-stacked symbols are lined with a bright border. Filling two reels with a full stack of sparkle-lined symbols nudges other partial stacks to fill their reel. It also has the potential to trigger a free spin bonus round.

No. 3 Chili Chili Fire: A five-reel 30 paylines slot has a general Mexican theme. Including action-stacked symbols and the chance to win free games, this machine also uses the Fade Away feature. After any spin, low-paying card symbols have the opportunity to fade away. The newly empty spaces then fill with random higher paying picture symbols, with a chance to turn a disappointing spin into something special.

No. 4 Lion Festival: Boosted Celebration – Inspired by Chinese New Year celebrations, this five-reel slot machine offers players a mix of neat features including a boosted middle reel that has double the symbols to make forming a winning combination that much easier. It includes action-stacked symbols and a free spin bonus round, but the bonus round includes the twist of the Balance of Fortune system. After winning free spins, players can stick with their standard 2x multiplied free spins, or they can trade stacks of five free spins for a “super-free spin” with a much higher multiplier.

No. 5 Castlevania: Labyrinth of Love – Konami has multiple Castlevania themed slots, inspired by its video game franchise of the same name. This five-reel machine includes an expanded free spin mode along with a progressive jackpot tied to the Castlevania game board. Players who trigger the minigame get to pick from different sets of potential moves to try and reach the castle. At that point, the game switches to a flashy battle minigame, where players get to spin a set of reels to try and land on attack symbols that kill enemies while hoping that they avoid the damage symbols that close off the reel. Making it past the bosses can reward the player with one of the four progressive jackpots. Sadly, Castlevania machines are generally not available on a mobile device.

Konami mobile slots

While some of Konami’s more advanced machines are sadly still stuck in physical casinos, it has developed mobile versions of many of their classic slots. Players with a mobile device should be able to find free versions of Konami’s online slots available in participating casino apps. Anyone lucky enough to live where real money online slots are legal will also find real mobile versions available.

For unlucky players, Konami does offer a nice middle ground. The My Konami Slots app is available for iOS and Android devices. This app offers several popular slots for free play. Players can collect free chips throughout the day, and the app includes a daily free bonus spin that can award credits. While packages of chips are available for purchase, patient players can stick with the Konami free casino slot games.

Dragon Poker Japanese

The Konami slots app includes linked progressive jackpots and slot tournaments for players looking for high-stakes play. Konami goes back to its video game roots by also offering daily challenges and quests, which reward players for hitting set goals or betting certain amounts. The real hook is that players can win loyalty points that they can spend on prizes and comps at real casinos, similar to Chumba Casino. Players can earn room discounts, credit toward food, tickets to great shows or just themed merchandise. It’s a great way for players to have a little fun between trips.

The rise of Konami

Konami began as a jukebox rental and repair company in 1969 based out of Osaka, Japan. The name comes from the first letters of its three original officers, Kagemasa Kozuki, YoshinobuNakama and TatsuoMiyasako. The company’s founder, Kozuki, still sits on the executive board. Konami moved away from its original jukebox focus fairly quickly, transitioning to manufacturing arcade cabinets in 1973 to take advantage of the growing video game market.

Konami would go on to produce its important additions to arcade gaming by developing hits such as the massively popular Frogger in 1981, along with gamer favorites such as Scramble and Super Cobra. The company was able to adapt to the rapidly changing video game market throughout the ’80s and early ’90s, providing titles for the Atari 2600 and the original Nintendo console. Konami adapted and evolved its popular Scramble arcade game into the fan-favorite Gradius for the NES, and also developed popular franchises such as the Castlevania and Metal Gear series.

Dragon Poker Japan 2020

The video game division continued to grow through the ’90s and 2000s with steady sequels and developments even as the company branched out into the gambling industry. Always looking to maintain synergy between their divisions, many of these great video game properties would be adapted into themed slot machines.

Konami’s casino gaming division began with its entry into the Japanese pachinko machine market in September 1992. After several years, the company opened Konami Australia in late 1996. In 1997, this subsidiary would oversee the rollout of Konami’s expansion into the Australian gaming market and later the general Asian market.

Konami expanded into the American casino gaming market in January 2000. The move into the American market was cemented with the construction of a manufacturing and development office in Las Vegas in 2005. The 360,000-square-foot facility served as its base of operations for expansions through North America, South America and Europe. Building on the success, Konomi opened a second facility in Las Vegas in 2015.

Konami’s unique features

While Konami is known for its striking visual design, the company has introduced some software innovations to offer exciting updates to the classic slot machine design. Its development takes full advantage of the ability to modify digital reels before the game or switch symbols after a spin. As a rule of thumb, Konami has focused on enhancing standard slot machine play rather than focusing on adding separate bonus rounds. Konami’s unique twists on the slot machine formula give players a chance to see ordinary spins suddenly change into rich jackpots.

The action-stacked symbols feature

Players of Konami slots are almost guaranteed encounter its action-stacked symbols system. This feature creates sections across all the reels in a game that pick one single symbol to stack for that spin. With a little luck, players will see these sets of stacked symbols fill up their paylines for big wins.

Also, many games have separate bonus features that tie into the action-stacked symbols feature. For example, players may see the reels get nudged into higher payouts with the right set of lucky frames.

Other variations on standard play include dynamic reels that can morph after a spin. In certain games, players may see new wild symbols appear to fill out lines, or they may see low-value spaces disappear to make room for big winners.

The Balance of Fortune features

That’s not to say that Konami has ignored its bonus games, even if it sticks to traditional free spins and multipliers. When going through Konami’s catalog, players will find innovations such as the Balance of Fortune system. This offers winners a choice in how their bonus game plays out, usually based around a more certain smaller payout versus a riskier shot at a big return.

The Mirror Reels bonus feature

The addition of special Mirror reels in bonus rounds also adds a fun change of pace to free spins. Mirror reels are what they sound like, with the two leftmost and rightmost reels mirroring one another, making it easier than ever to get a straight line of five symbols.

Similarly, while many of Konami’s games feature bonus games and special features instead of traditional jackpots, some entries feature progressive jackpot systems.

Konami’s progressive jackpot games

Games such as Pirate’s Jackpot and Pharoah’s Wish include stand-alone progressive jackpots. Konami also has machines with community-linked progressive jackpots.

For example, Beat the Field offers players — in a bank of linked machines — each a chance at different progressive jackpots when one player in the bank triggers the special round. Eligible players can win set bonuses or a progressive jackpot based on the results of a simulated horse race.

Machines, such as the new Power Boost Inferno, offer a supreme progressive jackpot that can potentially be linked across multiple participating casinos.

Casino spelletjes scouts game

Konami’s recent innovations have also shifted toward more noticeable changes to gameplay. In 2016, the company unveiled the Crystal Cyclone. This upgrade adds a social element to Konami’s older physical machines. The system places a roulette wheel in the center of several linked Konami slot machines.

When triggered, players on the linked machines get to watch bonus balls fall onto the spinning wheel in the center with credits and bonuses applied based on where the balls land.

Finally, Konami’s development comes full circle with the recent development of a partially skill-based Frogger game that provides increased payouts to players who can get their frog farther up the randomly generated arcade game.

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