Blackjack Tree Leaves

Always look at several samples when keying a specimen. Key characteristics, especially leaves, can vary even on the same tree. When measurements are given, as in the size of the leaves, don’t guess. Become familiar with the botanical terms used to describe trees. Terms used in this key are illustrated on pages 10 through 13. Leaves on mature trees are deeply divided with long, sharply pointed lobed tips and 2-4 curved side lobes that are bristle-tipped. The leaf base tends to be rounded and resembles a turkey foot. Young trees may have bell-shaped leaves with 3-5 rounded bristle-tipped lobes. These leaves often resemble those of Blackjack Oak.

Blackjack Oak Tree Leaves Pictures

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Uncommon small tree of uplands, most often growing on poor, dry sites. Intolerant of shade. The large, coarse leaves are club-shaped, thick, glossy above, and hairy below. Water Oak (Quercus nigra) also has club-shaped leaves, but is not otherwise similar - it's a large tree of wet areas, with much smaller, smooth leaves and less rough bark.

Like other oaks, the staminate (male) flowers are in drooping catkins.

Twin river casino blackjack minimum bet. Orange Co., NC 4/12/08.

Blackjack Tree Leaves

Scotland Co., NC 4/20/05.

Fall foliage is red to brown.

Blackjack Oak Tree Leaves

Durham, NC 11/18/06.

Blackish, blocky bark of a large tree.