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Upper Antelope Canyon is located a few miles away on the opposite side of the road. For this one, you’ll climb into a 4 x 4 truck and be caravanned over to the entrance. I highly suggest paying the $10 more for ‘prime time,’ which is when the light beams shine through. Antelope Slot Canyon Tours (Upper Canyon) Antelope Slot Canyon Tours offers tours at more times than most other outfitters. If you are in Page at odd times and want to see the Antelope Canyons as a bucket list item then you can even book tours at 6:30 am or 5:00 pm.

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Beautiful but commercialized slot canyon, visited by hundreds of people on a typical day in summer. Two sections are open to visitors; the 600 foot long upper narrows, south of AZ 98, and the deeper lower narrows to the north
Length: 600 feet (upper canyon, to which visitors are driven in 4WD vehicles), 0.5 miles (lower canyon)
Difficulty: Easy. Ladders and railings are installed in the lower canyon
Management: Navajo Nation
Rocks: Navajo sandstone
Season: All year
Trailhead: Two parking areas south and north of AZ 98, 3 miles southeast of Page
Rating (1-5):★★★★★
Antelope Canyon is located near Page on Navajo Nation land, just outside Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and close to AZ 98 a few miles east of town (at milepost 299). Antelope is the most visited slot canyon in the Southwest, partly because it is easily accessible and by far the most publicized, and also since it is extremely beautiful, with just the right combination of depth, width, length, rock color and ambient light; many other slot canyons are deeper, narrower or longer, and some have rock that is even more colorful and sculptured, but here conditions are ideal.


The seasonal stream of Antelope Creek flows into Lake Powell 3 miles east of Page in far north Arizona. Most of the watercourse is wide and sandy, but it forms two sections of accessible slot canyon near the lake (Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon), separated by several miles of flat desert terrain. Both may be approached from AZ 98; the upper canyon (also known as Corkscrew Canyon) is reached at the end of a very sandy 2 mile 4WD track south of the road beginning near milepost 299, and it is this part which is most often visited. Lower Antelope Canyon extends between AZ 98 and the lake, and is reached by a short track northwards leading to a parking area from where the escorted tours depart. This is slightly more demanding to visit, requiring climbing up and down several ladders.


To visit either part of Antelope Canyon is expensive. There is a fee of $8 for a standard permit required to enter Navajo territory, and an additional charge is due to the families who own the land around the canyons and regulate all access - the cheapest is currently (2020) around $60 for the shorter but more popular upper section and a little more for the longer lower canyon. As of 2018 all visits are only allowed as part of organized tours, preferably booked in advance, though there may be availability on the day during less popular months. The price may be higher for peak time visits, departing 10 am to midday. The fees will doubtless increase as the Navajo continue to exploit the ever-growing popularity of the canyon.

Route Description

Upper Antelope Canyon

When approaching upper Antelope Canyon, there is no obvious clue as to its location. The trail seems to end at the base of a red sandstone plateau about 20 yards high, but the sight of an Indian jewelry stall soon indicates its position - the entrance is a narrow curved slit in the cliffs only a few feet wide. Once inside, the temperature drops as much as 20 degrees as the visitor enters one of the most beautiful of all natural formations. The sunlight filtering down the curved sandstone walls makes magical, constantly changing patterns and shadows in many subtle shades of color. Some sections of the canyon are wide and bright, while others are narrower and more cave-like, with no light reaching the sandy floor. After only 150 yards or so, the canyon becomes suddenly much shallower near the top of the plateau. It may take only 3 or 4 minutes to walk through, but the canyon is well worth the arduous trek or expensive journey required to get there. Pictures taken here adorn camera shops and photographic manuals throughout the world, and usually there will be many people waiting with tripods and light meters trying to compose the perfect shot, and grumbling when other people walk in front of their two minute exposure. There are other equally short but pretty narrows further upstream, though these are not open to visitors.

Lower Antelope Canyon

Antelope Slot Canyon Upper Or Lower Gwynedd

The lower canyon is longer and deeper than the upper section, but also slightly more challenging, requiring climbing down ladders in some places to descend several sheer drops. It was here that 11 people were drowned in a flash flood in August 1997, when water 50 feet deep from a thunderstorm 5 miles away swept through the canyon, eventually deepening it by 4 feet. Lower Antelope Canyon was closed for 9 months before reopening with improved safety features, and now all visitors must now be accompanied by a guide. Both parts of the canyon are still beautiful, but any sense of adventure or tranquility is long since gone - best to try one of the hundreds of other Southwest slot canyons for these qualities. The nearest alternatives, only requiring a $6 daily permit, are Buckskin Gulch and Wire Pass.

Tiny sandstone pinnacles above Mountain Sheep Canyon

Other Canyons

The short slot of Upper Antelope Canyon is six miles from Lake Powell but only about half way along the drainage, which to the south extends across empty desert land, initially as a sandy wash, then as a rocky gorge as the land gradually rises. Tributaries join from both sides, some also containing slot sections, while the upper end splits into two main forks, both deep and narrow. Several other segments of the drainage system have received semi-official names, and may be visited as part of specialized tours, charged in the range $80 to $250. Closest to Hwy 98 is Owl Canyon, which joins Antelope from the southwest, one mile from the road; this has a 900 foot-long slot near its lower end and much longer narrows 2.5 miles upstream, a section also known as Mountain Sheep Canyon. A little further, the uppermost stretch of the drainage is Ramshead Canyon, in which the walls partly overhang above the streambed. Another short slot known as Ligai Si Anii Canyon is also in this area, accessed from Copper Mine Road. The next major tributary south (0.7 miles before Upper Antelope) is Rattlesnake Canyon, the lower end of which forms a 500 foot slot, with two small arches. Wind Pebble Canyon is a longer tributary with several enclosed, photogenic sections, named for the stones embedded in the walls; it joins Antelope from the west, nearly 6 miles south of the highway. The two upper forks are Canyon X (east) and Cardiac Canyon (west) - both are cliff-lined for around one mile, containing slots alternating with more open passageways. The latter is rather more strenuous to explore.

Map of Slot Canyons of Antelope Creek

Blue Pool Wash
Butterfly Canyon
Starting Water Wash
Stateline Canyon
Upper Kaibito Creek
Upper Kaibito Creek, East Fork
Water Holes Canyon

West Fork Big Horn Canyon
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM, Utah

Sand Wash

Water Holes Canyon
Page, Arizona

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It’s safe to say that we’ve never seen anything like Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon. These slots canyons are simply incredible and look like works of art carved out of the desert. Once you begin to walk through these narrow, winding canyons, you’ll feel like you’re entering another world.

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However, you won’t be alone. These slot canyons in Arizona are insanely popular and we’ve heard horror stories about how busy they can get (have a look on Youtube and you’ll see the carnage). If you go in high season (April to October) you may have to book your tickets up to four months in advance.

With their huge surge in popularity has inevitably come an equally huge price increase, so you may not want to spend over $100 per person to visit them both. We decided we did want to see both so here are our thoughts on Upper vs Lower Antelope Canyon to help you make an informed choice.

Upper vs Lower Antelope Canyon

What is Upper Antelope Canyon?

Upper Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon carved out of the Navajo Sandstone rock and was the place where the most expensive photo ever sold was taken – (Peter Lik’s “The ghost”) – for over $6 million. It is the most famous of the two canyons because of the highly distinctive light beams and the incredibly high canyon walls, which are very photogenic.

What is Lower Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon starts about three miles away from Upper Antelope Canyon and used to be the less popular canyon to visit but lately its visitor numbers have dramatically surged. It is pretty similar to Upper Antelope Canyon in many ways except the canyon walls aren’t quite as deep (high). You won’t get such vivid light beams as at Upper, but there are plenty of positives that make this canyon well worth visiting.

Which is the most picturesque canyon?

If you have never seen a slot canyon before, you will love either Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon. Both are incredible places to explore and we really enjoyed them both. However, that’s not why you’re reading this blog!

Upper Antelope Canyon

Upper Antelope Canyon blew us away – it is truly unique, even among all the other slots canyons in Arizona. There’s something about this place that feels so special and has been attracting professional photographers for years.

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As Upper Antelope Canyon’s walls are a lot higher than Lower Antelope’s this makes it the most awe inspiring. There are patches that are really, really dark, but this adds to the mystery and allure of the place. Plus the lighter sections are stunning and create all kinds of shapes and formations to enjoy.

Light beams in Upper Antelope Canyon

If light beams are what you are looking for, then head to Upper Antelope Canyon. In the words of a Lower Antelope tour guide Upper’s light beams blows Lower’s out the water. Note that you will only see those famous shafts of light, during April to October and only at specific times of day. Consult the tour companies for when this will happen and prepare to have to pay more for it (yep, it gets a whole lot more expensive).

Lower Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon is a beautiful place to enjoy, but it doesn’t quite match Upper. The canyon has some incredible formations and places where the light struggles to get in, but it isn’t quite on the same level as Upper Antelope Canyon.

>>> Lower Antelope Canyon Tours

We also loved the sections where you had a bit more space than Upper Antelope Canyon, so you almost had a corridor of slot canyon.

Light beams

Sadly, Lower Antelope Canyon doesn’t get very dramatic light beams as it isn’t deep or dark enough. You may get some depending on time of year and day but it won’t be in the same league as those at Upper Antelope.

Upper vs Lower Antelope Canyon picturesque

We would say that Upper Antelope Canyon is the more picturesque of the two and will take your breath away (especially if you visit in the summer and get those light beams). However, both are very beautiful so remember we are comparing two exceptional slot canyons!

Walk length and difficulty

Upper Antelope Canyon Difficulty

It doesn’t get much flatter than Upper Antelope Canyon! You start the walk at ground level and there’s not a step, ladder or slope for the entire tour. At no point does it get especially narrow or require any manoeuvring.

Simply put, you won’t have any problems whatsoever with Upper Antelope Canyon. The entire walk is 0.5 miles and is extremely easy going.

This can be a positive or negative depending on what you are looking for, this is not an adventurous canyon which will please some and disappoint others.

Lower Antelope Canyon Difficulty

We wouldn’t say Lower Antelope Canyon is hard, but it requires more effort than Upper Antelope Canyon. The tour starts by going down a 75 foot (25 metre) set of stairs and also has a few ladders along the way. There are sections which get a little narrow, but on the whole it shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

The entire canyon is 1.5 miles long, but unless you are worried about ladders or have mobility concerns, we think you won’t have a problem with Lower Antelope Canyon.

Upper vs Lower Antelope Canyon Difficulty

Neither canyon is difficult, but if you are concerned then go to Upper Antelope Canyon. This is completely flat, short and has no ladders or narrow sections. If that all sounds a bit too easy for you, you will prefer Lower Antelope.

Tours/Amount of people

Sadly you can only visit Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon with a guide and you’re likely to be joined by many other people (some groups can get as high as 40 people and multiple operators are taking tours through at the same time).

Upper Antelope Canyon Tours

Tours to Upper Antelope Canyon last for an hour and are by far the most popular of the two. There are four companies operating here and even in February (low season), we saw a lot of tour groups here being squeezed through the canyon. This made the canyon feel really crowded at points and hard to get photos without someone walking into it. No matter what time of year you go, Upper Antelope Canyon will be busy, there is no avoiding it. However at least in low season we did have some moments where if we kept to the front of our group there was no one in front of us and you could snatch a moment of peace in this exceptionally beautiful place.

We were told that in peak season Upper Antelope Canyon has as many as 10,000 people a day! That’s nearly 1,000 people an hour cramming into 0.25 miles of slot canyon….

What makes this worse is that you start and finish at the same place, so there is two-way traffic all the way through. As it gets pretty busy, the tour leaders will start shouting for people to move on, stop taking photos and become more like crowd control than a guide. For someone who likes taking their time (especially in a place as beautiful as Upper Antelope Canyon) this was a real let down.

The tour wasn’t very personal or friendly. Our guide did point out some features and pictures to take, but was more mindful about getting us moving. We actually can’t imagine how it would be in high season!

Lower Antelope Canyon Tours

Lower Antelope Canyon only has two tour companies operating (Dixie Ellis and Ken’s Tours) and isn’t quite as popular as Upper Antelope Canyon. Our tour guide said that in January (the time he believes is the quietest) he took a tour where only one person was booked on it! That lucky guy was able to have the whole canyon to himself!

Tours here last 1.5 hours, mainly because the canyon is longer. When we visited in February we were in a group of eight (with four others) and the canyon was quiet enough for our tour guide to give us a lot of freedom to go ahead and find places for ourselves. It was considerably quieter and we only saw people around every 10 minutes, so we were able to explore on our own and get plenty of photos without anyone else in them. Now this isn’t common and we were told how lucky we were. If you can visit in January or February you should hopefully also experience this and believe us, it is magical! Once you’ve seen those Youtube videos you will truly see how fortune you are.

As Lower Antelope Canyon runs as a one-way system, you don’t have the same struggles as Upper Antelope Canyon. In peak season it will be very busy, but you won’t have people walking head on towards you.

Our tour guide for this trip was the best we’d ever had, anywhere in the world. He took into consideration our desire to get photos and have independence, so he let us go ahead and organise ourselves whilst making sure we didn’t miss a single epic spot or interesting angle to shoot. He was enthusiastic, helpful, considerate and allowed everyone to get what they wanted from the tour. Plus a bottle of water at the end was a nice touch.

Upper vs Lower Antelope Canyon Tours

Lower Antelope Canyon is far better for a more relaxing tour. Upper Antelope Canyon is smaller, runs a lot more tours and has a two-way system that exacerbates the problem.

The tours guides in Lower seemed to be friendlier and got a lot better reactions from the groups than Upper. While people on an Upper Antelope Canyon tour were getting shouted at for moving too slowly, the Lower Antelope tours were playful and more enthusiastic.

Photo opportunities

Upper Antelope Canyon Photo opportunities

Upper Antelope Canyon is undeniably picturesque and a photographer’s dream. If you’ve seen slot canyon screensavers on Windows or full page images on National Geographic, it is likely that it was taken in Upper Antelope Canyon (although Apple did use one from Lower!).

However, you will need a tripod to get these kinds of photos and these are banned on anything but a photography tour (more on that later) . Upper Antelope Canyon is a very very dark place and is incredibly frustrating if you plan on taking photos handheld. I was lucky to ever get a shot under 1,000 ISO and sometimes it struggled to get a shot at 12,800 (which is a grainy and blurry setting)! You can’t use a flash either to make things easier.

When you add all the crowds, Upper Antelope Canyon can be a very very frustrating place to photograph as even when you have nice light you’ll probably get someone standing in your shot just as you get shouted at to keep moving. You may be able to get a chance to shoot light beams in the summer, but without a tripod it will be a very difficult task. I spent a lot of the time shooting upwards, praying that some of them weren’t grainy or out of focus.

You are only allowed to take photos in one direction for Upper Antelope Canyon as they don’t allow you to shoot on the way back. This meant we only had 30-40 minutes to take photos of an hour long tour. Hardly ideal.

Upper Antelope Canyon Photography Tours

If you really want to get a clean shot without a high ISO, then an Upper Canyon Photography tour is the only way to go. You will be able to bring your tripod along (but we don’t think you’re allowed a bag) and the tour is twice as long to give you more time to take the shots you want. You will have to pay over double for this privilege, but if you get that perfect shot it’s worth it.

Sounds good right?

Well, apart from you’re in there with every tour group. The photography tours don’t get special treatment, so you will have hundreds of people squeezing past your tripods and trying to get their own handheld photos. We felt sorry for the poor guys who would compose a shot and then have a gap of a couple of seconds to shoot. Every photography group we saw ended up shooting the sky as this was the only shot they could get uninterrupted (well, they still had to constantly make way for the groups).

If I had a choice again, I would have taken a photography tour, but it wouldn’t have been the peace and tranquility you’d normally get on a photography tour. Essentially you are paying for double the time and the right to bring a tripod. We have heard sometimes the guides hold groups back to give you a few moments to shoot but that’s as good as it gets.

If you want to get a person in your shot this will be extremely difficult as you will be mainly with landscape photographers who do not want you standing in their frame!

Lower Antelope Canyon Photo opportunities

You’re not allowed tripods in Lower Antelope Canyon either, but the great news is that you won’t need one! As Lower Antelope Canyon is a lot lighter, you can comfortably take handheld photos and not have to worry about your ISO going through the roof and getting grainy/blurry photos.

Added to this, the less people in the canyon and you have a much easier time. We were able to find space to get some shots and have time to think about what we wanted to shoot. As it is a one-way route, you can also shoot for the entire 1 hour 30. We didn’t feel rushed, pressured and panicked into getting a shot in Lower Antelope Canyon and even had plenty of time to put the camera down and enjoy the canyon.

Our experience was made better by going in February, things are more rushed in peak season.

Upper vs Lower Antelope Canyon Photos

This is a tricky one to judge as I know the photos from Upper Antelope Canyon would have been a lot better on a photography tour and during the light beam season. I fully admit, that the dream shots are from the Upper Canyon.

However, I struggled to enjoy it on a normal tour. The Upper Canyon was very dark, crowded and the pressure of the tour guides shouting at you made it hard to enjoy. Add in the policy of only being able to take photos in one-direction and I would have to say it was a disappointment.

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This is why Lower Antelope Canyon is our favourite for photos. You don’t need a tripod and have more space and time. You don’t need to be an award winning photographer with a tripod to get a great shot here! We just simply enjoyed the photo taking process here more.

Which one should you visit?

The cop out answer is both! We loved both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon as both are unique and slot canyons are just amazing places to explore.

However, if you were to only do one then we’d side towards Lower Antelope Canyon. As there are fewer people who visit, you get a lot longer in the canyon and better conditions for handheld photography, we enjoyed this more than Upper Antelope Canyon. The guides were better and it was just a nicer experience all round.

If you can cope with crowds and are desperate to get that million dollar photo, then hop on a photography tour and pray the crowd gods are in your favour at Upper.

Antelope Slot Canyon Upper Or Lowercase

Alternatives to Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon

Waterholes Canyon

If you can’t get on either Antelope Canyon tour – or just fancy a much quieter slot canyon – then head to Waterholes. This slot canyon has only just introduced a tours only requirement (grrrrr) but the benefit is that a lot fewer people know about it.

When we visited, we were literally the only people on our tour and we’re quite sure the only people visiting all day. This means you can enjoy it without the crowds, pressure or hassle of a tour guide watching the clock. We were given 1.5 hours to do the whole canyon which was very generous. The canyons are stunning and the trip is a lot of fun with a touch more adventure than either Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon.

Antelope slot canyon upper or lowercase

Getting to Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon

Antelope Slot Canyon Upper Or Lower Merion

You can only access either canyon on a tour which can sell out a long way in advance, so book as early as you can – don’t expect to be able to rock up and hop on the next tour. Both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons are best accessed from Page which is a 10 – 15 minute drive away. All the other major areas to stay are at least 2 hours + away. While in Page you can also visit the stunning Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell, the Toadstools and a couple of walking trails, making it worth staying for at least a couple of nights.

Warning – Are you a blogger or photographer?

If you want to publish a picture of either Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon on your website or even on a social media channel you must have a photography permit. This is the case whether you make any money from your blog or social media or not.

These permits cost $50 if you order it ahead of time or $200 if you order it retrospectively.

You can pick up the permit in person in their office in Page (location is 337 North Navajo Drive – you can see it on the map below)or you can apply in writing.

We were able to get our permit immediately on going into the Page office but they said applications made in writing can take up to a week to process. You must have a tour booked to apply as they send the permission ahead to your tour company.

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